17 thoughts on “Zumba® Fitness on the Martha Stewart Show

  1. @Hollybryonyforder I became an instructor and it’s the best thing i’ve ever done! 🙂

  2. @hollybryonyforder if you subcribe to my chnnel and other instructors who are ZIN were here to help its all bout the zumba love

  3. @Hollybryonyforder if someone waz told me ten years ago when i was 17 hey you kno that latin dance fitness infomercial on tv you going to be doing that and teaching it… i would hve told them your crazy.  ITS THE GREATEST INVESTMENT I’VE EVER MADE!

  4. I love Zumba I already have it at home! It is just so fun and I feel more awake after doing a work out session!

  5. @Hollybryonyforder Holls! Just do it girl! Let me know how your resolution is going, if you don’t wanna go alone, I might join you to take another B1 course! 😉

  6. @Hollybryonyforder Well you just have to do a days training & your in, no matter how good or bad you are, so go for it! lol

  7. @Hollybryonyforder YOU can so do it !I was where you were one year ago ..I became an instructor and I love it !!! I thought I would have never thought in a million years that I would be a zumba instructor and I just took the plunge so should you!!!

  8. @AngeyChan u can still buy them from some independant outlets google it sure u will find them

  9. @Hollybryonyforder go to zumba.com and click on instructor training its the best thing i ever did

  10. @kdewsbury1
    I’m been an instructor for a couple of months and I’m 60. I have been told I don’t move like I’m 60. Go Zumba!!!

  11. @Hollybryonyforder
    You can become an instructor. Confidence will come you can count on it. Just do it!

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