When new potential customers want information about insurance and insurance brokers where your office is located, are you the first agent that they find?

If you want to know how you can get more new insurance customers for either yourself or your insurance agency, this is it.

New Customers are searching online for answers to questions that they have about the types of insurance that you sell, every day. Where? Online, of course.

When new customers search online for information about insurance and insurance agents in your area, do they find you or another agent?

These potential customers need help and they want to find it online. They will find the information that they need online, but will they get it from you or from one of your competitors?

If you want to get more new customers online, you need more than a one page website. Just because someone lands on your website, it doesn’t mean that they will become a customer. It takes more than this for someone to decide to give you their business. There are many insurance agents competing for your customers business. You need to bring targeted traffic to your site. You can do this by creating a presence for your business online in all the places where your customers spend their time.

Creating a presence for your company is about helping customers find you when they search online for information about insurance. Getting new customers online is about more than creating a presence for company that is based on your name and your company name. New customers are not searching for your business by name. They are searching for insurance agents and the by the type of insurance that you sell, and they are starting in the areas closest to where they live or work.

So they are not searching for you or your business by name. What happens when these new customers search online for agents that sell the types of insurance that you sell? However they search any search engine or online platform (google, yahoo, Bing, Facebook, Yelp, etc) are you there as a reliable source of information and answers?

The first place that your new customers are looking for answers to their insurance questions, is the internet. Your strategy needs to make sure that it is easy and fast for new customers to find and connect with you online.

You know this is true. Your new customers are not looking in the newspaper or the yellow pages to get answer and information when they need insurance. You new customers expect fast relevant information at their fingertips. They want it right now, not tomorrow and not in an email. Your customer is shopping online for the best insurance agent that sells the services and products they need. They want to find this information, right now.

Think about what would happen if more new customers found you first when were searching online for insurance. You’re there, offering valuable information and an online expert presence. Your business is there, inspiring trust and information about the exact the insurance product or service they were looking for. A perfect match.

Local marketing sites and directories, like Google Places, can help you connect with more new customers. Although many insurance agent shave been hearing about local marketing, many are choosing to ignore this source of new business. A local marketing strategy that includes local, regional and national directory sites, that includes Google Places, will helps more new customers find your business.

If you have not established your company online with the local, regional and national directories, you are losing new business and income. It is that simple. You could be getting more leads and more new customers coming into your business without having to do any extra work. If you want to get more new insurance customers, this is how you do it. All you have to do is decide to get started.

Google Places helps insurance companies get more new customers. Watch this short video to see a google places and local marketing review for an insurance agent in CT.

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