What is Good and Bad Hype

What is Good and Bad Hype

My Friend Joel, other day asked me what is Good Hype and Bad Hype?

Well, I think Hype is Hype No matter it is Good or Bad.

Hype is nothing but a fad used in marketing product and services and it is used to excite people about something they need to posses, have to have, buy or purchase and that will benefit them.


New iPhone5 is the word class cell phone with great new features now available. Limited Quantity available for 10% Discount. Thousands have been sold and our customers were satisfied with their phones. Call 1-800-XXX-XXX

Tickets for Super-ball is selling fast and is now 50% off if you buy today before mid night.

We sell the freshest vegetables all the time and they provide best nutrients for you health.

Our Attorney’s are the best Trial Lawyers in the state, we get thousand’s of dollars for your damages or accident cases. Call Today 800-xxx-xxxx

GVO Hosting is the best in the industry with 99.7% up with 24/7 support. You get complete hosting for 4 Domain with Auto responder and Easy Video Producer with video training for only $9.97 per month. Sign Up Today for only $1.00 for 7 Day Trial. Click the link NOW!



We Just Got New Ford and Toyota Models. We are over stocked with vehicles and we are offering brand new 2012 models for only $10,000 + Tag and Tax, Original sticker price is $35,000 + Tag & Tax

You will Make $27,756 In Just 24 hours with our Online System. Many people have made thousands overnight. Buy it Today for only $27.00

With Our Magic Pill One a Day You will Reduce 50 pounds in just a week. Buy it Today for Just $50.00

You can see from above examples for BAD Hype that “If is too good to be true, it is probably TOO GOOD To be True” means False.

Well as I said Hype is Hype, Nothing wrong with Hype as long as it is not deceptive. BAD Hype does not help businesses to stay in business for a long time because it creates bad taste for consumers and they never do business with those businesses which are unethical and are involved in deceptive practices. Trust is very important and once consumers lose trust they stop doing business with people who market using BAD Hype.

Hype is a part of Marketing and it comes with the Territory of Marketing.

Hype is Hype so it is up to us to determine which Hype is Good and which one is BAD.

It is a Grey area and some time you are not sure if it is a GOOd or BAD Hype.

So, Research and find all the info and use your judgment which is good and bad hype.

Stay away from Bad Hype. I Like GOOD Hype and it is Exciting.

Without Hype Business will Not Exist! So it up to us consumers of products & services to decide which one is Good Hype and which one is Bad Hype.

Vj Shah


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