Website and graphic design: things to look for when choosing the right website designer

Website and graphic design is such a highly valuable service now that the Internet has grown so big. Even though there are lots of so called free tools and services, they always fall short and sure enough anybody who try a free option always comes back.

I am not just talking of a pretty flashy looking website, in fact this is the last element which is important. I have been working this industry since way back in the year 2000 and I have come across some very neat designers creating great looking sites which deliver no value or results to the business they were built for.

The key to a successful website is to make sure the company who builds your website actually takes care of many things including market research, keyword research, online branding, on page optimization, off page optimization for continued growth.

It is looking at a combination of skills and services I have mentioned to decide which website design company or individual you will settle for. You have to get this right as you may be investing a fair bit of money into the project in the first place and a project without the results you are after is a complete waist of time and money.

Your designer needs to be current with todays technologies and search engines. Search engines change constantly and update how they search for content. What is expectable today may not be expectable tomorrow and so your designer needs to be moving with this. Your designer also needs a good understanding of different sales models and the psychology of sales. Understanding consumers spending habits will all help towards site conversion.

A website is a start to a long term project. It is a serious addition to your business and done correctly will become such a valuable investment. It requires continued work after the build in the form of off page SEO. SEO will promote your site helping you rank for your keywords, and should be a long term project.

Be sure to check out your designer is not using templates. Templates are not good, you need your site to be totally unique to you and your business. You want the designer to build customer designs from ground up in and around you and your business.

Do not get mislead with promises of page rankings. Do your homework on the company or designer and check out their portfolio. Remember, the best proof is previous clients and websites, if they have other projects showing high in search engines then you have a great platform to work with. You will instantly know at this point if you will go with this design company.

Finally, take your website seriously, for many this will be the make or break as the Internet is still growing and now dominating off line advertising. Good luck in your search for your website design company. V:5

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