Traffic Travis Critique

The Internet is cluttered with Traffic Travis review pages that extol the virtues and shortcomings of the popular website analysis and keyword research tool. However, most reviews simply offer a shallow overview of what you can expect from Traffic Travis. With Trafic Travis, you can determine your competitors and dissect their SEO and PPC strategies. The software is able to determine the SEO weak points and out-perform them. This review will take a closer look at how Traffic Travis’s features will directly affect your Internet marketing tactics and provide you with the package that affiliates use to rate websites like yours.

In short, what can Traffic Travis do to that will heighten your campaign?

To start with, most of the Traffic Travis review sites I’ve read forget to mention that this puppy is free. Sure, there is a paid version with more features, but for most starting marketers, the program is free and offers quite a few features for that very enticing price tag.

The aim of Traffic Travis is not merely to furnish you with keywords, but to give you a thorough overview of your niche and understand who the main players are. The system will appraise and determine how many keywords they are bidding on, allowing you to cross-reference whether the keywords in your list sit high or low. This variety of information allows you to fine-tune your selection and improve your On-site and Off-site SEO. So, while other programs focus on keyword analysis, this one will also go into greater detail for PPC data and your competition’s site structure. Here is a rundown of what Traffic Travis offers.

* Keyword Research – The most popular characteristic to any Traffic Travis review is the keyword research. The keyword researcher works by taking a search term of your choosing and producing multiple keywords related to the term for your campaign. The search application is automatic and instead of just one site’s data, you will acquire data from both Yahoo! and Microsoft’s search engines as well, allowing to see how many total daily searches there are. Those keywords can then be saved in a file for later use or sorted to remove any unwanted long tails.

* SEO Research – Would you care to know how a site performs for various keywords? Simple enough. Just toss in your list of keywords along with a domain name and see where it lists for each phrase in each search engine. Pages and pages of data are available for immediate analysis. furthermore, you can use the Page Analysis to dig into your pages and see a thorough SEO report for that domain. Each report will establish a list of links, page ranking, traffic ranks, header data, titles and meta tags and top keywords. In short, it’s an instant breakdown of how well you’re performing in SEO.

* PPC Data – Any good Traffic Travis review has to hit on the value of this tool for PPC research. Traffic Travis will take your list of keywords and provide a breakdown of the amount of ads for that expression, the top sites for any given keyword, and a list of the most popular keywords in that advertising group. You can see instantly who is advertising for what and which phrases actually work to make money.

* Analysis – This is a favourite tool in almost every Traffic Travis review, allowing you to see the top sites for any given keyword phrase along with Page Ranks, age, back links, directory listings, title tags, and all the other SEO data you’ll need. Basically, you can see what things each site has and then make your site better in those categories.

In Conclusion:

This Traffic Travis review has been written to show you not only everything the software has to offer, but how those features have made the lives of so many Internet marketers easier. If there’s anything I want you to take away from this today, it is that Traffic Travis can supply every one of the tools you need to test your sites, check your competitors, choose your keywords, and make sure your PPC campaign turns out as well as you have planned. For that kind of peace of mind, most marketers would give an arm and a leg. The software will alter the direction and speed in which you conduct your business.

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