Time is Gold but Nobody Seems to Care

Once time is wasted there is nothing much you can do to retrieve or replace it. It is lost forever. Time is the most precious of wealth you can ever desire and have. Everyone has 24 hours of time each day no more, no less. It is not gold for nothing. Everything in life is measured by time. Life is ticking each and every moment. How well you make use of your time is the most valuable lesson you can ever learn in your entire stay in this material world.

Appreciate time. One needs to understand the essence of time. If time is as precious as the most valued stones on earth, you must recognize the extent of its significance and value. You can always replace gold with another one but not time. A wasted time is gone forever. Therefore, you have to acknowledge how important it is.

Hurl procrastination off the back door.

Dawdling is time’s worst enemy. This is the reason why you have so many projects on your mind and yet none of them ever materialized. You keep putting them off until tomorrow as if tomorrow is a reality. Nothing matters but today. The events of the past were useful on the formation of what is today and we need to recognize that fact but those were the days. Nothing matters but today. Tomorrow will be as useful as yesterday only if we try to do well today. Live in the present. The past is done. The future might never come. Today is all you have and it contains 24 gold-like hours. What you can do today do not put off until tomorrow.

Create a schedule.

It is always advisable to plan. Jot down all the things that you need to accomplish for that day and make a schedule. Making a schedule is not predicting the future, which is a form divination. Rather, it is about knowing what you may and may not carry out on that particular day. It serves as a guide to achieve your specific goals. It frees you from the burden of having to recall, every time, what you need to do next. It makes you go through the day smoothly with much ease and minimizes your stress level.

Quality over quantity.

Cramming in more activities than what you can handle is as useless as procrastination. You will end up oversaturated while the work you have accomplished is as messy and muddled as your stress level. Do not sacrifice the amount of things you can do in a given time over how well you can do them. Nobody will appreciate substandard work hastily done. Spend the same amount of time with so much more attention and care. In the end you will realize it pays to value quality over quantity.

Life is not a race.

It doesn’t matter who arrives at the finish line first. The most important thing is how well you spend your time over things that are truly productive.

How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.

Time changes things, but you actually have to change them.





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