The Most Ridiculous Supercar Traffic Jam

I apologise for not really knowing what to film! This is the moment 150+ supercars fired up to leave Gurston House to arrive as part of the supercar convoy at this summers Wilton House event. As you can see its a bit of a jam as everything tries to get out of the car park but a sample of the cars present: 2 Bugatti Veyrons Koenigsegg Agera Koenigsegg CCR 2 Ferrari 599 GTOs Ferrari Enzo Ferrari F40 Ferrari 288 GTO Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 2 Jaguar XJ220s 2 McLaren MP4-12C Porsche Carrera GT RUF CTR 3 Filmed at the 2011 Wilton House event, organised by JayKayBi. For Wilton House 2012, please see the event page on Facebook: Camera: Sony CX520 Location: Gurston Down, UK Blog: Facebook Twitter: All feedback is appreciated! Thanks for watching, Tim

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  1. Best car video ever, was having trouble just keeping track, i would pay just to be there and hear the noise, how much fuel was burned in that 5 mins I wonder!!!

  2. @Shmee150 Most, yes, because (almost) all these cars deserve to be a SUPERCARS, and nissan is cheap, as usually 😛

  3. @dkbelmont20 That was planned so they would end up at the destination of the convoy at the back.

  4. @n8neiTen8n There was actually a GT-R in there somewhere haha, but I know what you mean as most of it is awesome.

  5. somerandomhipster

    DB9 fail! What an ugly car man they ruined it!

  6. @Shmee150 HR OWN would be also cool xD

  7. Thank God there’s no japanese junk like gt-r 😀 only the real PREMIUM supercars 😀

  8. theoneblackalbino

    All it takes is one black guy… and the a car goes missing

  9. I love how the two most expensive cars in the whole video are just chilling in the back of the parking lot.

  10. @MikalEvo 1992 Jaguar XJ220

  11. I got stuck in the freeway lol.

  12. @diogocamposmes Nice comment!

  13. What’s the car in 1:34 ? Maserati? De Tomaso? I really don’t know! It looks old-fashioned and absolutely brilliant!

  14. Damn, ferrari f40 is about the nicest thing there

  15. all i can see is LAMBORGHINI cars .. oh men ..

  16. @mierda429 mclaren mp4-12…

  17. Why is that mustang there lol odd ball I don’t care what kind it is

  18. c ou ?

  19. honestly i don’t understand how people can dislike this video :p

  20. 911 Turbo S.. i`m thinking serously to love that car more than my girl..

  21. que auto es el que muestran en el minuto 1:55 ????

  22. RobinVanPersie0287

    @Shmee150 what is the music at the beginning?

  23. oh wow

  24. That DB9 with the matte paint and red wheels is absolutely revolting

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