The BEST Gas Station Ferrari Traffic Ever!

This is definitely a very strategic location for this gas station, just less than 100 metres far from the paddock of the Monza racetrack. When the racetrack is open, in this place you always get to see traffic of supercars waiting for some gas filling. This time you see a huge traffic of Ferraris, while waiting for a refill you can see most of them revving and accelerating for the camera! Here a list of the cars you see in the video: 599 GTO GTB HGTE 458 Italia 430 Scuderia F430 Coupè Spider 360 Modena California Marchettino Facebook page: Marchettino Twitter page:

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  1. GT-R is the best car …. But Ferrari is God of cars !!!!
    P.S. Marco fai dei ottimi videi :))

  2. @marchettino yeah thats true and I love the F430 sound as well

  3. My favorite color when I was a kid is RED

  4. @MCBRAIN1337 its an opinion gtfo

  5. Jesus christ! I wish I lived there. Where do all these people get this money in this economy?

  6. @joshieboy999 Yes me too i like it, i just hate the state of mind of most of the GT-R fans and owners, they think to have the fastest car ever made… My fav Ferrari sounds are the 360CS and the F430

  7. @marchettino haha thats a good way to describe a GT-R (even though i like it) whats your favourite sounding ferrari?

  8. what country is this in?

  9. HAHAHA 0:57 Fail, he stalled also was the first one a 458 italia?

  10. scottishbadboytracks

    That gas station must make a fortune ;-D

  11. @SportsCarFan823 Thanks!

  12. Thumbs up definitly This Ferrari Traffic is one of the most epicest ferrari videos ive ever seen!

  13. hahhaaha 0:58 fail

  14. Yellow 458 are crashed :/ Nissan – Ferrari

  15. I love watching Ferrari videos when I have nothing else to do!

  16. Ferrari > Nissan

  17. @MCBRAIN1337 well what are you doing on this video moning arse look at gtr r35 vids then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. love that

  19. イタ車好きにはたまらんな!

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