The Art of a Custom Landing Page

Do you know what makes a good Custom landing page?

It is astonishing to observe the way in which online marketing and transacting is developing. New techniques and methods become available at an incredible rate and online entrepreneurs have their hands full in mastering new technologies to their own advantage. In fact, businesspeople do not really have much of a choice if they want to stay in the run because online competitiveness reaches new heights on an almost daily basis. Those who employ an integrated marketing strategy that makes use of a variety of techniques in conjunction with each other seems to achieve the most success. One important aspect of any such strategy is the use of a custom landing page.

While the purpose of a lead capture page is to ensure that a potential client ends up on a relevant and specific page when they click a link elsewhere, it is important to make this technique an integral part of a bigger strategy. The very reason that a user click on a link can be assumed to be curiosity or interest. The initial link, whether it is a banner advertisement or an embedded link should therefore contain some pertinent information or a promise of more information. When the link is followed, the message should continue smoothly.

One of the main benefits of these pages is the fact that it allows for a great deal of flexibility. The content of the landing page can be modified according to the profile of a specific user. Factors such as the nature of the search criteria and the geographic location of the user can be used to ensure that relevant information is displayed. In this way better leads are generated and less money is spent on frivolous hits.

Most entrepreneurs employ a marketing strategy that allows users to end up on various different pages of a website, depending upon the specific link that they followed. By keeping statistics on the popularity of the various landing pages in a website, it is possible to identify those pages that are efficient and those that are not. In this way, modifications can be made without any of the usual guesswork.

It is a sad truth that too many people confuse the ability to use a specific tool, such as the many tools that are available to create custom landing pages effortlessly, and the ability to use the tool to create meaningful and relevant content. The message is far more important than the ability to master a specific piece of software. These two skills must be separated and it is imperative to first design the message before using the tool to develop the landing page.

Shrewd entrepreneurs understand the essence of effective marketing. A marketing plan simply will not work if it consists of a series of advertising campaigns that may or may not yield the desired results. Such a plan has to be well thought out and it must utilize all the various marketing tools available today, including a well designed custom landing page component.

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