Optin Email Marketing Made Easy

What you are going to receive now are no-bull, fully working, well-tried and time-tested ways to explode your mailing list. scores of different folks from lots of different countries and walks of life are profitably making riches with this recipe, and you can as well if you put a bit of “elbow grease” into it. Most of the Internet Marketing gurus started with, and keep up to make money with, lists of responsive e-mail subscribers. For now we are just concerned with building up subscribers and remember that it is estimated that each opt-in subscriber is worth $1. So building a list is step one – more articles will address how you make wealth from the listing.

Give it away

Well not everything – but giving something free, as long as it has tangible VALUE, is the first step in convincing folks to optin and give you their name and e-mail. Some likely things that are given are eBooks, reports, training videos etc which must be on your subscribers’ theme of course. You possibly could either make your own info product or utilise somebody else’s, which is where PLR (Private Label Rights) stuff comes into its own.

“Charlie” now picks up the reins.

In flyers slang auto-pilot is called “Charlie” and this is just what you will receive from an autoresponder from companies like aweber.com. The purpose of these automatic systems is to e-mail out a set succession of e-mails over a number of days or weeks, as set up by you. to start with you need to construct a relationship with your subscribers, with these emails, and then you can begin marketing to them. With the widespread worries about Spam I suggest you utilize double opt-in (where you require subscribers to click a link to confirm their identity) – this likewise improves the calibre of your list for adswap purposes.

Throw them a Squeeze

The page you propel people to where they sign up (opt-in) to your e-mail list is named the Squeeze Page. Opt-in pages are a vital first measure so make sure you have them right – see other details in the gratis eBook (link below).

Forums – don’t sniff – they create wealth

First step to getting people to see your opt-in page (otherwise known as “traffic”) is to become active in forums inside your niche. If you type Forums horticulture (or whatsoever your niche is) into a search engine you will receive a list of significant forums to visit. Blogs (a bit like forums) on relevant subject areas are another wonderful way to start receiving traffic – like forums they have persistence.

Here’s a Giveaway secret

Not many people seem to know about this one – JV (joint venture) Giveaway Events. You will need a list of the current JV Giveaway Events that is actively maintained – and that is what we give you in the free eBook.

The Genuine Article

Yes – writing articles can receive traffic to your site! When people link back to your site through the articles (back links) you rise up in the search engine rankings.

Social Networking Traffic

The main Social network sites are Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and YouTube. If you already have followers on these sites then use them as well to expand your list. When you reach the stage of looking at adswaps then the presence of your followers on your list will be a big help, even if they are not prime prospects.

Ad swapping explained

Don’t know where to look for adswap partners – well this is where the free eBook will help. When adswapping you want to be careful that the other list is similar to yours in interests. Adswaps are a very powerful way to leverage and monetize your list.

While it’s still available get your free copy of the 5 Day eCourse at Article Marketing Explosion and take your List Building to another next level.