What are the products with YourNetBiz?

Most people while researching the online business opportunity, YourNetBiz, often ask if the products are really worth the money that they claim to be. The answer is not just a simple yes or no because it depends on what the member does with them.

The suite of products that Yournetbiz offers are diverse and can used in many different ways. Basically, there are three components of the product library. First there are an ever expanding library of master resale rights and private label right information products.

These products can be used both personally or as inventory for the member to market. The products are in a multitude of different niches and with the private label right products, you’re able to change them and make them you’re own. This allows the member to successfully to brand themeselves as an authority figure and create instant credibility with their prospects in what ever market they may be in.

The second part of the product portfolio is the incredible amount of online marketing training videos. There are over 700+ trainings in just about every area of marketing and online business. It’s true that with all these videos, no one will watch all of them, but that’s not what they are there for. Your Net Biz video vault is designed to give it’s members a one-stop resource whenever they need to get the info needed to build and grow their online businesses. These videos contain information from building websites , creating your auto-responder, online marketing tactics and strategies and so much more.

The final piece of the Yournetbiz product suite is their travel club membership. With the platinum package member also gets an totally separate business, called Primo Vacations, which they can market too. On top of the additional income that can be created, the member also has a valuable membership into an exclusive travel club saving them money on vacations, hotels, airfare etc.

There are also systems designed to assist the members with their marketing efforts. The system that separates itself from the competition is each member’s very own retail center. A member can send traffic to this in order to market their resale rights products very easily. The member just needs to enter their Paypal info and any order will get immediately sent into their account. This is all integrated for the Yournetbiz member. The member just needs to drive traffic to their “online store” and then the money will go right to the member without the member having to do anything else. This isn’t being offered anywhere else online today.

Overall, the products and systems each Yournetbiz member has access to is immense and is definitely worth the investment if the member actually uses them to the best of their ability. If a member doesn’t utilize what they purchase and just tries to market the opportunity, they will be missing out on a tremendous amount of extremely valuable info. So, my advise is if you’re going to get involved with Yournetbiz, use your products and get the most out of your online business opportunity.

TurnKey Marketing Group creator Damian Benko has been profiting very well as an online marketer since 2006 and has helped thousands of online business owners understand exactly what’s needed to actually make money online. Don’t miss this great YourNetBiz video Damian just released for even more information.

Get More Targeted Site Visitors With A Twitter Account

Using Twitter together with your blog is swiftly getting to be among the best and simplest ways to enhance visitors to your site. The way it operates is not rocket science. Each time you receive a post to your blog a “twitter update” is made to your Twitter account. This means that everyone of your “Twitter followers” will get that tweet, in real-time. No matter what size your following is, you will at minimum double the exposure of that post. Are you able to see the possibilities?

In the event you didn’t know, or you were holidaying on Mars, Twitter is a social mirco-blogging website which allows the user to create “micro posts” in 140 characters or less to whomever is part of your follower list. Twitter began as a social networking site that many users utilized to communicate to relatives and buddies, though it is actually being employed by major companies and major media outlets to convey information quickly to their customers or visitors. The best thing about Twitter is that you simply don’t have to be considered a major corporation to implement it, in fact you do not even really need to be a company.

As a home based business owner or internet marketer this is where you come in. Twitter can be used to talk with your customer base or “followers,” sending all of them various sorts of information. What you don’t wish to do is distance your followers by sending them purely marketing information. This will make you very unpopular and your follower base will fade. Twitter marketing is much more subtle and that is exactly where your blog comes into play.

How is this accomplished? It’s a really simple procedure so I’m able to summarize it here. Initially create your Twitter account and additionally connect its subject to your own blog’s subject. The next task is to install a special plug-in to your blog. Go to your own plugin’s page and click the add a new plugin tab. Look for the “Twitter Tools” plugin, (Make certain it is the free plugin from Alex King.) Install and activate it. You need to set it up first utilizing the settings tab. You will now automatically create a tweet every time a post is produced on your blog.

What happens is that each blog post will get “tweeted” to your Twitter follower’s list. The bigger your list the larger the coverage of the post. This is pure viral marketing at its best. There isn’t any spamming because all of your current followers have agreed to get “Tweets” from you. This is absolute organic website traffic.

You can carry the mechanization a step even further by while doing so actively searching for Twitter accounts which are tweeting messages connected with your specialized niche that you could automatically follow. This may be a little more complex and involves some detailed set up. You can obtain more information from our Twitter specific site

To be able to find more information on how to automate a Twitter account please see our Twitter Resources page.. Free reprint available from: Get More Targeted Site Visitors With A Twitter Account.