Social Media Marketing With Facebook: Adapting To Facebook

Being able to adapt to your target market is very important in marketing regardless if it’s online or offline. You need what attracts your audience and also what pushes them away and this will help you get the right reaction from them. This is similar when you try social media marketing on Facebook.

According to the statistic posted on Facebook itself, it has 500 million active users and 50% of them logs in daily. That is at least 250 million visitors come and go into Facebook daily. They also spend around 7 hours inside Facebook than on Google, MSN or Yahoo. So there are a lot of potential customers you can tap but you need to know how to approach them the right way.

Inside Facebook, you want to be the friend rather than the Internet marketer. Your customer pool is already inside Facebook itself and people are looking out for groups to join, funny videos to watch, or keep up on the latest games. Buying things is one of the last things on their mind. So this gives you a chance to actually loosen up a little and talk like a friend. Post funny videos or give them useful links. Make them like you and they will recommend more friends to you. This also helps to give you the image that you are not just spamming links to them.

When you make a group page within Facebook, you can’t just create it and then completely back off and let it run itself. A group is rather a place where you can interact and get to know your viewers. The Groups page works very similarly to a comments type feature on a blog but with more features. What the administrator posts within the group’s page will also become visible to all the members. So if a member makes a comment on a post, it will be visible to everyone else as well. This feature allows you to easily begin a conversation and have others join in. The new members also won’t miss out on the older discussions because they will be saved as well. New users can effortlessly browse through the older posts since they will not get removed.

Another exclusive characteristic about Facebook is that you can make widgets. Widgets are capable of doing many things such as making private chats, showing promotional videos or even robotically generating coupons. The users don’t have to install anything as it is built into their Facebook page and can be spread around. The widget can also be utilized to point back towards your site so that it is really free advertising to you.

To begin viral marketing inside Facebook it really doesn’t take tons of effort because information is easily spread. Users are able to use a feed page where they can take note of what is happening to their friends. For instance, if their friends “like” something, you will see it too. Furthermore, if a person is tagged inside a photograph, you will see this as well. People can easily get intrigued or curious about this and start clicking on the links.

Facebook is not your run of the mill deal such as blogs or websites. It is a different turf all together and you should adapt your line of attack accordingly.

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Social Media Marketing through Facebook: Target your advertising Possibilities

Social marketing is all about becoming visible to the right crowd. For example, if you are marketing diet pills, you will want to target people who are overweight, and not the people that are in shape. If you have both the time and the persistence, you can conduct keyword research in order to locate long tail keywords with an adequate amount of searches and then constructing a site that is optimized to focus on these keywords. Nonetheless, locating the best keywords for your sight can be very monotonous and the results will usually be visible months later. Luckily there are easier ways to get yourself into the niche market you desire – this is through the use of social media sites such as Facebook.

Facebook started its presence on the internet as purely a social networking tool where people could connect to share things about their lives, however it has became very popular and now has more than 100 million users visiting daily. This might be relatively small when compared to everyone who connects to the Internet but one hundred million are all inside Facebook while the rest of the people are out there doing other things such as playing games or even watching TV. Keep in mind though that it is easier to sift out people inside Facebook who are interested in your products. Facebook does already two choices for marketing which allow you to help target your niche market.

First is the groups feature. Facebook allows you to create groups about all kinds of interest. People can join these groups, receive updates from them and see what other members are posting. It is pretty much like a forum where you are the administrator and the people that join your forum are people who are interested in your niche.

As the group administrator, anything that you post will also be visible to all the group members. It is like having your own email list where you can promote your products, update your status and give them more info about your products. The best thing is members get to comment on your post and you get to interact with them. This helps to get you closer to your customers.

It is also very simple to cultivate your group membership on this site. A person is able to “like” and share nearly anything they want and this is all visible on his or her friend’s list. Then when a friend “likes” it, it will show up on their friend’s list as well. This is the reason why it is incredibly easy to conduct viral marketing because it is so simple to share particular news or information about a product as well.

Another method of engaging in targeted advertising is through the use of Facebook ads. Facebook ads is very similar to Google Ads. However, it is not only easier but also more successful. This is true, because the ads are shown within Facebook, and the ads can access the information related to the user’s details. This shows what he or she “likes” and sees if the ads are related to them in any way. If they are, they will be shown.

It is becoming increasingly easier to target niche customers with the two features Facebook provides. Since there are over 100 million Facebook visitors this is more dependable than trying to aim towards everyone on the Internet.

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