Become A Super Affiliate Marketer With These 6 Steps

Have you ever studied the income claims of the top super affiliate amrketers online? Admittedly, some of the 6 and 7 figure income statements appear outrageous and hard to believe, but if you could make even a fraction of these reported incomes, you could become a super affiliate marketer.

In this article I briefly discuss the six steps you can take, starting today, to make money in affiliate marketing.

First, successful affiliate marketers are active marketers and take massive action to market their products online. The failures in this business sign up for affiliate programs and then never quite get around to doing anything to make a sale. There are tons of affiliate marketers out there, and all you have to do is take deliberate steps to market your products to dramatically increase your chances of becoming a super affiliate marketer.

Second, successful affiliate marketers do not rely on simply posting a banner ad on their website and then forgetting about it. This works if you have a website with traffic in the 1,000 daily visitor range, but is not an effective tool for most websites. While affiliate marketing commissions appear like “automatic income” to the outsider, do not be deceived. Behind every successful affiliate marketer is an active marketer who is posting to a blog (sometimes several blogs) and making contributions to forum discussions daily. Some are also active pay-per-click marketers, which I use myself but recommend you hold off on until you gain more marketing experience.

Third, successful affiliate marketers identify a specific niche they want to serve, and then write articles and blogs that provide content rich information to web surfers. In contrast, frustrated affiliate marketers will typically try to market multiple programs at one time. By doing this you are spreading yourself so thin that you cannot gain the “critical mass” of having your name and affiliate links popping up on search engine pages whenever a web surfer enters a keyword within your market niche. The end result is something like the proverbial fire drill, where you are running in every direction at once and getting nowhere.

Fourth, successful affiliate marketers look for affiliate sponsors that offer traffic statistics, training, and ad suggestions. For example, I market an automated affiliate marketing software product that offers extensive training on marketing, as well as real time statistics on click thrus and purchases. Their affiliate home page includes detailed statistics relevant to clicks on my various ads and links I have placed on the web. I can access this information to determine where my ads and links are generating click thrus, and which ads and links are a waste of my time. This of course allows me to focus my efforts in areas that are working for me. Failures in affiliate marketing do not make the effort to access this kind of information, or to track their click thrus. Not every affiliate program offers click through statistics, but when it is there, use it.

Fifth, successful affiliate marketers invest time, energy, and money into their business. I know the time and energy part is obvious, so I want to focus on the money part for a minute. Blogs and forums can be free, and this is where I suggest you start. However, eventually you may want to graduate to putting up your own website, placing solo ads in ezines, and using pay-per-click ads. When you choose to go this route, please download some ebooks on the subject at Scribd, read the articles in this blog, or watch some videos available in my link at the bottom of this article.

My last suggestion in this area relates to the subjects of persistence, patience, and promotion. Successful affiliate marketers persist in their efforts to market their products and gain visitors to their various websites, where those who typically fail in affiliate marketing quit just short of achieving success. Also, to be successful you will have to promote your links and be patient. Patience does not mean standing by in idle mode while you wait for sales. Rather, patience means keep working the proven techniques of getting your link out there on the web where shoppers can find it.

Becoming a super affiliate marketer is not technically difficult; however, it does take work to get content on the net and spread the word about your online product offers. If you will stick with it, you can make money online with affiliate marketing. Please review this site for additional information, or click on a link below to learn about our automated affiliate marketing system.

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