3 Easy Ways to Increase Your Auto Accident Claims Settlements

Trying to get money from a accident claim is hard. Insurance companies will challenge the amount of your accident damages, personal injuries, and even how you claim the car accident happened. When it’s all over, you feel frustrated and get dramatically less money than what your accident claim is worth.

Let’s consider 3 very easy ways you can avoid this and improve your auto accident claim:

1. Take Pictures of Car Accident

The first thing you really should do is get plenty of pictures of your auto accident scene. Having a good amount of pictures from your auto accident site will easily show the amount of your car damages. If you’ve got a good amount of pictures, the insurance company can’t deny the severity of your damages.

In order to improve your car accident claim, take pictures of:

*Damages to both vehicles from the outside and inside.

*Pictures of street signs.

*Adverse Weather Conditions

*Other driver’s license plate and vehicle model.

*Road side damages such as skid marks

*Injuries or bruises.

*Locations of vehicles before they are moved.

You can even use the accident pictures to clarify who was responsible for your auto accident. It is possible to combine, an apparently pointless picture of which direction traffic was going followed by a picture of your vehicle damage, to show the point and speed of the crash. You can then work with this fact to more clearly discuss how your car accident took place. What’s even better, your story will now be reinforced by evidence.

With most cell phones today, you can immediately take pictures and videos of the car crash scene. The more information you can pull together from your car wreck, the higher your chances of getting money from you car accident claims.

The next thing you really should do is

2. Check the Car Accident Report

The police report can be the most detailed resource of information about your vehicle accident. The report has needed information such as:

*Names and contact information of any witnesses.

*Details about the other driver (e.g.: driver’s license number and insurance company.)

*List of any citations and traffic violations((for example speeding or crossing red light)

*A diagram detailing how the car accident took place.

I suggest you read a copy of the police report and see if it covers any significant information. For instance, is there anything in the explanation of the car accident that displays the other driver was at fault your accident? Were there witnesses that you weren’t aware of? You should thoroughly study the accident report and decide if it can benefit your car accident claim.

The last thing you want to do is

3. Get a Hold of Witnesses

Finding a witness from the car accident scene will definitely help your auto accident claim. A witness can validate your story and give you more credibility. This is particularly true if you’ve never met the witness before the accident.

If there were witnesses to your car crash, you will need to get the following important information :


*Street Address and/or telephone number.

*A signed written statement of how the automobile accident occurred.

Just be informed that insurance companies have been known to call witnesses on their own to inquire into the car accident. They do this to plant false information in the witnesses mind, which makes them highly doubt what they remember about the car crash. I suggest you try to speak with your witnesses before the insurance companies so that you can get a signed statement from them about how the auto accident happened.

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