Fitness Test! How Fit Are You Now?

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FabuLOus Fitness: Introduction!

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EVOLUTION OF FITNESS (fitness infomercial parody)

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Creating a Diet Plan: Keypoints and where to start

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94 year-old fitness fanatic works out like a champ

Many people in their old age have difficulty walking or doing daily chores let alone go to the gym and lift weights. But you would be definitely gob-smacked after seeing this 94 year-old British man exercising for physical fitness. Every day Stanley Thomas hits the gym and completes a punishing exercise regime that would leave people half his age gasping for breath. He says the routine makes him alive and gives him the feeling that he is doing something. He loves to get on the treadmill but he doesnt have to stand in line because he goes to his own gym in the basement of his house. The former boxing champion could be a role model for those who think 50-years of age is the time to feet up. And now some of Stanleys elderly friends are following him to keep fit. Daily workout is a necessity for all people at any age. This is good advice from all doctors.