A Short Explanation of a Stock Exchange Market

The entity that allows people to trade stocks and securities is referred to as a stock exchange market. This is a vehicle in which people can issue or redeem securities or other financial securities or to pay dividends or income from shares. Commonly traded securities on the stock exchange market include pooled investment products, such as the type banks invest in (mutual funds), stocks, company issued shares and commodities.

If securities are going to be traded, they first need to listed on a stock exchange market. The stock exchange market is now a massive electronic network where people and corporations can trade, purchase and sell stocks relatively quickly.

Supply and demand happens to be the basis for the modern stock exchange market. If a particular stock is in demand, its value will automatically be increased. This is one of the ways in which the prices of stocks rise or fall, although there are plenty of other factors that can also affect stock prices.

If a company needs to obtain some sort of financing to expand their business or fund operation of the company, one way for them to get capital is to sell shares or stocks in their company. Purchasers of this stock are called investors. When the company makes a profit, it pays a portion of the profit to the investors or shareholders. These payments are known as dividends.

There are basically two ways that stocks can be traded. One is in a physical location with verbal trading, the other is the more common electronic stock exchange market. Not many people trade in a physical location, as it is much more common to do trading online through various brokerage sites. In order to make a trade, you are generally charged a fee, or some sites may offer a certain number of trades under one all inclusive fee.

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