Dani Johnson Script Book Secrets

Should you buy the Dani Johnson Script Book?

For network marketing professionals who are looking to build their downline using cold marketing methods… in particularly cold calling leads I highly recommend you get a hold of the Dani Johnson script book.

Basically the Dani Johnson Script Book is a training program that teaches you how to successfully call cold leads for the purpose of recruiting them into your downline.

When it comes to recruiting cold leads over the phone Mrs Johnson is better than any other.

She herself built two very successful downlines using the techniques she trains on in her script book.

Some people say that her secrets for speaking with prospects are only good for people cold calling leads… I disagree… they are good for any business builder… we all need to speak with prospects and what she teaches will simply make you much better at it… period!

In her script book you will learn:

. Be confident on the phone

. How to make your prospect beg for more info on your opportunity.

. The game changing strategy that will have your prospect chasing you for more information.

. The secrets of how to seriously increase your recruiting percentage

One word of caution though… her techniques are not for everyone and there are a whole host of other options available for people who are looking to prospect… such as using the internet to generate your own leads.

Although her methods work, they are really the old school method of prospecting… and now a days there are so many easier techniques available to business builders.

Now a days most organizations focus on the newer strategies of using the net to build a downline… most find these methods much easier to do and a heck of a lot easier on the head.

Again though… there have been a ton of network marketers who have had massive success cold calling leads and if you think you would like calling people like a telemarketer day in and day out, she is who you want to learn the skills required from.

Regardless I would still recommend getting a copy of the Dani Johnson Script Book… As a side note I did a short training video that reveals more of what is contained in the Dani Johnson Script Book, I would recommend visiting that link and checking it out