Is Residual Income Possible Find Out Here

As we all know life is getting less cheap by the day; food prices have gone up and so is the price of fuel per gallon. Companies are speaking of downsizing every now and then plus the mortgage payments are growing astronomically. With these odds against humanity, we are constantly thinking of possible financial rays of hope to shed more light on our darkening incomes. Which brings us to this vital question, ‘residual income: myth or reality’?

Residual income is possible and we can give you two ready financial tools you can use to earn it; Affiliate marketing and network marketing. Leverage is the answer to doubling our income flow and as many have witnessed, both this two methods work wonders in achieving this dream.

We begin with affiliate marketing; is increased residual income: myth or reality for this one? It’s the biggest reality you could come across; perhaps next to man landing on the moon. Since your main job is to attract buyers to a Company’s product, be smart and build your own blog page for the product. This way you have more command on how you attract buyers. Set up an auto-response system that will always answer customer questions and other enquiries on a 24 hour basis. This entices customer more and you can introduce them to multiple products as well. No doubts they’ll keep coming to buy, and with that the residual income will always keep coming even upon retirement.

One way is to create your own blog page for the product; using the company sales page is great but having a personal sales page gives you an upper hand in customizing it as you want to entice more customers. You can do this using an auto-respond set-up which can be your 24 hour customer care support. Through it you can give a deeper examination of the products, you can offer buying tips and even introduce customers to other products from the company. This builds reliability and trust on the customers and more will keep coming and the passive income growing.

How about MLM, is residual income: myth or reality here? I think it’s the best way to go comparing the two. Why’s that? Let’s define it in full, MLM simply means multi-level; the beauty of it is that you get to earn your residuals from all the down-line levels you create. What’s more, you don’t really have to create the levels yourself; one prospect recruited will recruit a third prospect and the third recruiting a fourth and the chain moves on!

But your quickest and most profitable way to residual benefits is through the MLM plan. Multi-level marketing involves several business levels from which you can profit from. The trick is to recruit as many people on the first level and their equally recruit their own increase the business tree downwards. What’s the overall advantage? Constant passive profits whether you are supervising the business or not and also earn the same side profits when you retire. So is MLM being the best for residual income: myth or reality? I think we can best answer that ourselves.

affiliate Marketing and Multi Level Marketing Are both excellent ways to build a residual income.

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