Why Prefer Books Over Blog Pages

Blog articles have to be quite short in order to attract as many online readers as possible. These articles usually contain 300-400 words and many bloggers use this tactic in order to be very appreciated in his field.

But blog articles, being that short have some disadvantages. Blog writers are not able to go deeply in any subject and they have to discuss very superficial.

This is why bloggers choose to discuss only about a single domain. But the articles are still somehow random. This can be problematic especially for aspiring gardeners. They usually have to know the botanical concepts a little more deeply and a blog is not usually that helpful.

Search engine optimization is very important because every blogger wants its article to be found as easy as possible. But this means that a certain keyword is used multiple times and the blog article usually becomes just an addition of words. The information can’t be delivered properly in this way. And the saddest part is that more and more bloggers are going on this road.

Books have many advantages over blogs because they don’t need to use keywords repeatedly because they are immune to search engines. The writer can deliver the information very easy this way. It doesn’t matter how many words are used in a book so the subject can be treated deeply.

Books are also giving you a good, warm feeling and they make us remember all those calm days, before people became so stressed by urban life.

Another advantage of a book is that you can take it and read it anywhere. You don’t have to worry about low battery, a bad internet connection or ruining your eyes due to radiation.

More and more people prefer to do all the work from their computer but reading a book can sometimes be just better.

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How to Hire the Right Content Writer for the Job

Locating and successfully hiring a freelance content writer is not always an easy process even if you have done it before, and therefore a little patience is the order of the day. Yes, of course you have to be patient unless you know exactly where to look or how to find them. However, things won’t be mega smooth if this is the first time you’re doing your hiring, which is why there are a few critical things that you should always try to keep in mind. Below are several rock-solid tips that will help you find the best-suited content writer for your project.

One obvious requirement is to obtain samples of prior work, and if possible get some live samples you can find by following URLs. Unfortunately, unless you know the writer well, you should do a sanity check to make sure that writing is unique and produced by the person. In order to perform that kind of check, go to Copyscape and run it from there. We have also given you another big tip because this is really a great thing to do with every single article anybody writes for you. The last thing that you’d want to experience is plagiarism, especially after hiring the writer and paying for the content.

Of course it is necessary to verify as much as possible including how much they know about English, etc. But, you will see their samples, but that is no guarantee they wrote them, so a test article or two will reveal much more.

If your particular market is highly educated, then your writing fees will be a bit higher than what is normally expected. It doesn’t matter what language you choose to get your content done besides English – the writer should be proficient.

If you are all right with paying in full before the product is delivered, then that is up to you – but just be careful. On the other hand, others will ask for half upfront and the rest when the writing is done or delivered. It is always a good policy to operate the same way with everybody, and we are generally talking about people you know who may write for you. Some writers ask for everything upfront because they have been scammed too many times; so it goes both ways.

Locating a content writer who works well for your project will be a relief once it is over. Nothing beats a solid plan backed by excellent preparation, so just make sure you are not caught flat-footed.

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