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As you progress in your business and become a team leader, there are some important things to remember that will help you grow your team and lead them to their dreams while you are reaching yours. Duplication is vital to your success.

You want to share with others all the success that you have accomplished. No need to be agrressive and try and sell something to others but sharing in your product/service. Be a product of the product and be able to have a great story.

You don’t want to focus on getting a bunch of people to use your products. You want to focus more on getting the serious people in, to use your product but to also get involved in the business side of things. Teach them exactly what you do.

You will always be in the process of sharing and teaching others, so you want to make this a simple procedure, so that they will keep it simple and be able to teach others as you have taught them. The best goal in the first year is to get 20-30 people like you signed up.

When you first start your business you want to act fast and get as many as you can right away. Try to create a group of 25-30 people in your business that will get started and share the excitement as you do. Together you can learn the process, share your product/service and start your dream to financial freedom.

Then you become a leader to other leaders. When teaching others to become leaders like yourself, teach them to help their team, then you will find that you are not the only doing all the work. Recognize the efforts and promotions of team members.

There are so many different personalities out there in the business of network marketing but the key to success is to accept all traits. It’s about creating relationships of all different personalities, build that foundation, the product second and also remeber to do the ongoing training and personal growth.

Show your appreciation towards others and give encouragement and gratitude to those who deserve and are working hard towards their goals. Look for opportunities to help each individual or each group that is looking to move forward and work hard at their success to come.

You as a leader have to be willing to take the responsibility to a point in investing in your team, individuals that want to make a difference in their lives. Help others to gain the success that they want and you will get what you have been working towards as well.

Show by example and teach others what to do by doing these steps and goals everyday as well. Provide inspirations and vision for your team. Stay positive and push your team towards success each day.

Finding Success With our Team tom schreiter

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