Simple New Abs Exercise Try this simple new abs exercise using a foam roller! This exercise video feature Stephen Cabral and Sarah Dussault. Visit Today for healthy recipes! Be a Fan on Facebook – Follow us on Twitter – Check out Diet.coms Sample Meal Plans and Exercise Plans: Sarahs YouTube channel – Visit For More Videos!

15 thoughts on “Simple New Abs Exercise

  1. such a cute gesture when you say "body transformation expert" you have the best mannerisms!

  2. how often do you recommend doing crunches in general if I want to to loose my belly fat and just tone the overall are?

  3. @MrShreyans111 You have to work your Obliques, you have internal external and transverse obliques, they give your stomach a tight pull, just search youtube for oblique workouts, rosa acosta has some good ones.

  4. This abs exercise is really awesome! Totally work my lower abs and this is really good for me cuz I really hate leg lifts. =) Definitely gonna do this often.

  5. awesome.. will have to give this a try.. need to buy a foam roller.. thanks guys.

  6. Where can you find one of this foam rollers in Canada online or in a store?

  7. @mrshreyans111 when you’re in sit up position, cross one leg over the other like you do when you’re sitting. go into a crunch but touch your opposite elbow to the crossed knee. super effective!

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