Search Engine Positions Can Make Us Vain, But What Makes Us Insane?

CONVERSIONS!! Effectively applying Website Conversion Architecture to your online site is the central focus to achieving online business success! Traffic alone isn't enough though. Good Ranking is also not enough.

At the end of the day.All that matters is CONVERSION.

A website with effective conversion architecture must obviously communicate a Value Offer. What makes them unique. Studies prove that a new website visitor will give a site 10 seconds to respond to the following 3 questions.

– Does this Website Have what I Want or Need?
– Am I in the Right Place?
– What does One have to do Next!


So how does Conversion Architecture work?

A bloodhound must be well placed to follow the “scent” of the prey otherwise he’ll get distracted and lose interest. It is the same with an internet site visitor. You don't want them to get distracted and lose interest in your site.

The guiding philosophy of Website Conversion Architecture is to lead the visitor down a sales path with a “scent” of related images and terms. You would like to miminize their anxiety in wanting to conduct business with you and most importantly… Never Make Them Think”.

Your messaging must be aimed at a specific shopper profile ending with a forceful action step . Here is where the a conversion event is placed.

A Conversion event can be any of the following:

– call
– form submission
– download a statement
– request a quote
– product purchase

Web Marketing Advisors will research your target customers to create profiles based totally on their behavior and objectives. Once these have been identified, they’re going to use these elements in the layout, design and content of your internet site.

Your objective is to ensure that each part on your internet site supports your “Value Proposition” and inspires visitors on your internet site to take actions that lead on to your targeted site conversion event.

Conversion architecture pulls a click on your website up to a desired event. A click on your web site should help the website visitor build comfort in your organization where they reach the final click where they’re trusting enough to change into a purchaser.

Marc Levin is a WSI Licensed Internet Marketing Expert in L. A. , Ca. A successful Online marketing process must continuously test and improve website conversion architecture.

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