Review of SECockpit video 3rd in the series

We’ve now had the pleasure to review video number THREE by Shane Melaugh in his pre-launch series for SEcockpit, this time the video is all about Google’s Panda update and is 18 mins long.

As ever Shane’s video is terribly informative and it is well worth watching for the data that it contains, whether or not you have no intention of purchasing the product. In this video Shane goes thru the reasons why you or any Marketeer or Web Marketing Expert should not be overly worried by this latest Google update.

Fundamentally Google are just further refining their procedures (as they do several times each year) to enhance the search results and user experience. Anyone making sites that are really of top quality and contain lots of relevant content will still rank well. Folk who produce “sniper sites”, sites that just have copied content on, auto blogs, spam links for promotion etc, will find that their sites have dropped down the rankings, and deservedly so.

Shane comes up with some suggestions of the actions that you need to take to enhance your site and rankings, and probably as significantly, traffic. These essentially boil down to manufacturing good original topical content that your market will find handy. I will not ruin the video for you by giving you Shane is check list of what you should do. The list isn't revolutionary or surprising but acts as a good foundational checklist for any person developing sites and using the checklist to review your sites, would be a brilliant idea.

One of the ideas that Shane advocates, that is more relevant now than maybe it was before the Panda update, is that you are better spending your time manufacturing and developing larger sites (instead of masses of micro-niche sites) and optimising that site in an appropriate way. Each page should have a express function and be targeted at a particular keyword or key phrase. This is again pretty clear but you only have to take an informal view, of sites you visit, to notice they are frequently quite confusing in regards to what keyword, or indeed the purpose, of each page is (from a marketers pointed view that is, i.e. What action does the website owner would like you to take). So the old adage holds good, one page one function, and therefore one keyword or keyword.

I recommend that you go and watch the video by signing up in the link below, there is no sales pitch in this EIGHTEEN min long video and it just contains solid guidance that we would all do well to take.

Paul Barber is a founding partner o fBarbury Netand business that specialises in Internet marketing Review as well as general webmaster services to the industry, including Site development, S.E.O, site promotion and conversion.

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