One night of December, 1994, Edison Industries building burned to the ground.

Thomas Edison lost $2 Million and building was insured for only $300,000 because it was constructed of concrete and then thought to be fireproof.

Charles Edison, son of Thomas Edison was frantic and worried about his father because his father was 67 years and fearing the worst, Charles was looking for his father and he found him standing near the fire, his hair blowing in the cold weather.

Charles said :My heart ached for him. ”My father was old and everything he worked for is going in to smoke.

As soon as Thomas Edison spotted his son coming toward him, he shouted, “Charles, where is your mother?’ Charles responded he did not know.

At that point he said “Find her and bring her here. She will never see anything like this again as she lives.”

The next morning Thomas Edison waked through burned building and he told his family.

“There is great value in disaster. It burns up all our mistakes! Thank God we can start a new.”

What a great attitude?

Three month after Edison Industries presented world’s first Phonograph.

Earlier in Thomas Edison’s career, Edison made over nine hundred attempts before he was able to perfect electric Bulb.

After failing so many times, his assistant asked him, “do you know that we have failed over nine hundred times?’

No, No, No” Edison replied…”W have just found over over nine hundred ways that won’t work!”

Now yo know that when you fail, does not mean that you are a failure. Keep trying again and again until you succeed.

Success is Never Ending and Failure is Never Final!

Go for Your Dreams. Dare To Capture You Dreams.


Vj Shah

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You have a choice to choose your path in Life?

You have a choice to choose your path in Life?

People can take one path of three paths in life.

(1) Path that Leads to Mediocrity (2) Path that Leads to Failure (3) Path that Leads to Success

The path to mediocrity is the easiest but it is not only the easiest but the most dangerous. Why? Because it is easy to be a mediocre and it doesn’t cost anything. Therefore many people commit themselves to mediocrity and being unsuccessful, they do not try and take personal responsibility for their life. These people also think negatively and they do not want others to be successful either.

These people blame their failures to others, economy, government, school system, teachers, friends, media etc….etc, and waste their energy in blaming others and their circumstances or government.

There are people who are always willing to tell you your problems, your faults, your sins including blaming god telling you your are a born sinner! All they are doing is helping you find your level of mediocrity, because they are not successful.

These people discourage you and try to talk you out new adventures and challenges, all because they don’t want you to succeed.

Mediocrity leads to apathy and apathy leads to boredom, boredom leads to why bother and finally to failure not taking on any challenges in life.

Path to mediocrity leads to us to path of failure not facing and trying new adventures and challenges in life.

We live in a negative society, 98% of news in TV and Newspaper each day is negative. By the time we wake up in the morning and have first cup of Coffee or Tea, we are bombarded with news of bad economy, shooting, murder, rape, violence in school etc. Perheps some of these people leave their homes depressed, frightened and discouraged.

But, We do not have to live this way. There is a Path for Success.

The Secret is we have to change our self first then we can change others and the world!

Accept the challenge to go forward towards the path to success.

Path to success is not easy but is adventurous, challenging and rewarding.

Think About The Path You Want To Take. I hope You Take The Right Path To Success.

VJ Shah 










Why Articles Are The Best SEO Tools

There are many tools and strategies that you can use to improve your ranking on search engines and drive traffic to your website.

In all the different search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, writing and submitting articles remains the best strategy.

Following are the key reasons why articles are the most powerful SEO tool.

1. Article writing is powerful in SEO because it allows you to use many keywords and phrases that apply to your niche. If you know all your essential keywords, you can use them in your articles. The articles you distribute that have your keywords will get picked up by search engines such that when people surfing the internet type in these keywords, your website comes up. You can rank high on search engines for all your keywords through the articles that you write and distribute on the internet.

2. Article writing brings life long results in SEO. All the articles that you write are stored and archived on the directories in which they are published. This means that all your articles can be read by anyone and can still drive traffic to your website. Unlike other tools of driving traffic to your website, articles bring long term results.

3. Articles create many back links to your website, which improves your website popularity rank and ultimately drives large volume of traffic to your website. If you write high quality articles, your articles will get published by many websites and e-zines, hence increasing back links to your website. Having many links pointing back to your website is important as it improves the position of your website on search engines.

4. Articles are an affordable SEO tool. Writing and submitting articles is not expensive. You can write your own articles or you can hire a ghostwriter. You can manually submit your articles or you can use some software to automatically submit your article to many directories. Generally, use of articles to improve your position on search engines is not expensive and anyone can afford it.

Writing and submitting articles is clearly the best strategy for improving the ranking of your website on search engines. If you want to succeed in SEO, it is important that you write and submit more articles.
Vj Shah