No Lights, No Traffic Click on the link above for more info on todays episode! What happens to a congested town when traffic lights are removed? Humanwire Correspondent Martin Cassini reports on this experiment performed in Somerset County, England. Fit Roads Martin Cassini Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates! Join us on Facebook for behind the scenes pics and videos! Come on over to for an ad free experience.

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  1. this just goes to prove, if you let people get on with their own thing society works far better… if you have governments who use violence to tell everyone what to do, you end up with fascist governments & tyranny.

  2. and then they turned the lights back on.

  3. NO WAY! people are driving on the wrong side of the road! haha!

  4. Traffic signals are a part of modern society. So suck it up.

  5. @deilax You see a thing work that is counter intuitive and you use the same thought process that is disproved by what you are seeing? Good deep thoughtfulness you display here!

  6. well its not gunna work every where but if it works in all the smaller towns then just think of how much money it would save

  7. @JauntyMellifluous have you seen the state of the cars etc in turkey, i lived over there for 8+months and pretty much ever car had a dent, and you see bumps and crashes most days.

  8. @250Trojan Also there’s the false sense of security that traffic lights create. The lights kind of give the idea that they’re doing all the safety stuff for the drivers so the drivers don’t have to do it themselves, when that’s far from the truth. Without the traffic lights, drivers are forced to use their initiative to cross the junction safely and so the chance of a crash due to driver carelessness is reduced. To put it simply, traffic lights can have the opposite effect to that desired.

  9. This happens when traffic lights break down too. Everyone goes through nicely and there are no queues.

    This is because lights make people wait, even if there’s no need top wait, but without lights, you can go as soon as the way is clear (a bit like at a roundabout too).


  11. ..and when some idiot sidelines you without looking, then you’re both out of the way.

  12. It works because when there’s no one there you just go, then you’re out of the way.

  13. England is going backwards then. They figure out it’s better to be like most other countries where they don’t have traffic lights by default. lol

  14. @hobo59 The original scheme for these lights and landscaping cost … £800,000!!!!!! and took about 6 months of chaos to implement. Before there was not a problem and there were simple mini roundabouts (traffic circles).
    Its now back to the original mini roundabouts.

  15. try this in boston im sure it will work just fine : P

  16. @Liberty4awl
    "How do you "game" what does not exist?"
    the honor system or anarchy or whatever name you think suits this best is still a system.

    "Simply put when mans diversionary "laws" are gone LOVE BECOMES LAW"
    ya, central africa is so nice, right?

  17. @032125 Personal responsibility is deeply feared thanks to the indoctrination centers we call schools. Imagine schools teaching anarchy! Most all "teachers" upon hearing anarchy hear chaos instead.

  18. @032125 You think as a healthy adult. Very few of us around which means we have a lot of work to do.

  19. How do you "game" what does not exist? In this scenario there IS no system to scam. Your thinking along the lines a child would as in if I crash I’m insured so i lose nothing. Daddy will fix it. This thought pattern is well ingrained in irresponsible people not used to taking care of themselves but relying on "insurance" of all manner and artificial "rules" that were and are DESIGNED to eliminate higher human interaction. Simply put when mans diversionary "laws" are gone LOVE BECOMES LAW!

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