Nissan Pathfinder Concept – Marketing

Jon Brancheau, Vice President, Nissan Marketing shares marketing insights behind the all-new Pathfinder Concept, including who Nissan believes wants this vehicle.

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  1. Yuck…as ugly as the ’96 Pathfinder

  2. Tragic!

  3. Ugh…Another epic fail by Nissan. You would think they would have learned something about aesthetics with their continued fails with the Quest. What a decade of disaster that is turning out to be. They have failed here again with the lack of reptilian appeal on this vehicle. They are losing touch with the American market rapidly.

  4. Previous pathfinders (R51 and others) always have a straight line, that model has a curved line, I don’t recognise pathfinder style, it looks like a failed version of murano. the front is impressive but the back isn’t attractive, too simple, even that spot doesn’t well showing the back of the car. I don’t like it, i prefer R51

  5. I like too

  6. I know the Pathfinder has never been "hard-core" off-road but the current diesel R51 makes a pretty good tow vehicle for us a caravaners. Will this continue in the new model? It looks more like its just a family wagon meant for doing the school & shopping runs.

  7. Looks sexy LOVE that front

  8. This car in black with chrome accenting will look sexy.

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