Making Your Web Site Big When All You’ve Got to Work With Is a Small Wallet

When times are tight, you have to learn to get more out of spending with a somewhat less lavish hand. This can be painful at first, but if you’re used to following the roadmap of efficient frugality, you’ll manage to keep up a marketing campaign that functions potently without drawing much from your bank account. This requires a basic knowledge of some internet marketing tips that are used, not just to keep your site running, but to establish it in the first place! So hopefully you’re ready to reinvent what you’re building off of, if you didn’t build it right the first time… it’s not as hard as you might fear.

Begin With a Good URL!

A great, memorable, short, descriptive URL is the first thing your site needs to succeed. Since you need one anyway, take some extra time to really find out which useful domain names are taken and which are available. Most can be purchased cheaply for under ten dollars.

Don’t Underestimate Social Media, But Don’t Overestimate Them, Either!

It doesn’t take a SEO Indianapolis to know how to start a blog or keep up with comments, forum posts, or profile updates. It’s all free publicity! However, don’t get too caught up in playing the popularity game. Keep a presence and build your lists with meaningful contacts, but avoid falling into the sucker’s trap of trying to be ‘the most popular’ in your industry niche for any one social media platform.

Grab Some Basic Cheap Art Assets… a Logo, At Least!

Logos and other brand symbols will help get you to show up in places where you wouldn’t ordinarily, such as in the image sections of search engines. It’s also cheap to buy a professionally-designed logo. Of course, you might just care to make one yourself for no cost at all, other than a few hours dabbling with Photoshop or the like.

Make Yourself Known in the Industry Outside Your Site!

By giving whatever entity you’re marketing a presence outside itself, you’ll find that traffic will consider your brand more professional and well-informed. One favorite way to do this is through product reviews, which will allow you to subtly recommend your own site without necessarily seeming biased if you use tact and stick to the facts. Remember that even just a quick, low-key link to your business in a signature or profile can help traffic flow a great deal, and doesn’t draw negative attention.

Last of All, Remember Your Links!

Links, especially reciprocal ones, are some of your most important offpage ranking factors. Use them as thoroughly as possible without compromising your site’s content or interface. Even if you have to forget the rest, remember this: your links are where your search engine ranking primarily comes from, so cherish them!

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