Make A Habit of Making Good Decisions


Make a Habit of Making Good Decisions

Making good decisions is a key to success. We humans are creatures of habits. If we procrastinate, we should remind ourselves that we are paying a tremendous price for our this negative habit.

Procrastination is a fault that most people ignore to correct.

Procrastination is a Luxury and very few of us can afford it. If we have decided or not decided on any problem, we actually have made a decision, that means we have made a decision by not making decision and again we are off in the same old thought and habit of procrastination.

The best decisions made by the successful people are decisions made quickly after they obtain all the information necessary to make decision. They are slow to change that decision once it has been made. The non-doers and indecisive types of people are slow to make decision and if they ever make one, they change it fast without thinking and considering all the information & consequences.

If you do procrastinate and want to make good decisions,

Write down on a piece of all the reasons you think of to be a DOOR,

A DECISION MAKER….then write down the ideas you have that INDICISION.

Think and see exactly what procrastination is doing to hinder your progress, goal achievement and all the things that you want out of life.

Once you have made a decision not to procrastinate then follow through on your plan with action, regardless of obstacles, criticism, circumstances or what other people think or do.


Star today, Right Now,

Say “I WILL make every decision necessary for me to achieve my goals and I WILL make a habit of making RIGHT DECISIONS ON TIME and WILL TAKE TO ACTION..Starting Today……..


T o Your Success,

Vj Shah

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