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www.internet-marketing-for-small-business.net – I expose some obvious but little known truths about Local Internet Marketing. As well as share with you tips on how I got my carpet cleaning business ranked number 1 in Google and other search engines for years, saving me ten of thousands of dollars in general advertising. Subscribe To My Free Content Updates Here: www.internet-marketing-for-small-business.net Link to Study Mentioned in Video: www.biakelsey.com Free Keyword Research Tools Mentioned in Video: www.marketsamurai.com www.wordtracker.com Hook Up With Me on Facebook www.facebook.com

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  1. MrBusinessMarketer

    @nickbred Nick your too cool man! Thanks

  2. Good information on web marketing and getting and maintaining a good Google rank in your local area. Claude has been helping us with our internet marketing for the past few years. Our website is ranked in the top three for allot of key work searches which generates us allot of traffic. Thanks for your help Claude. If you are trying to get your website working for you I highly recommend you talk to Claude.

  3. MrBusinessMarketer

    @wolfieworldwide Thanks again, I will let you know how thing go!

  4. And a Merry Christmas to you too Claude, I also posted your video to Facebook, hopefully you will get something out of it

  5. MrBusinessMarketer

    @wolfieworldwide Thankyou again Wolfie, It seems clear from your last statement you understand the value of service. I really do believe that those that whom put that to work in their lives will ultimately do well. Merry Christmas!

  6. Thank you Claude and I wish you all the best, don’t worry about the voice it’s the advice that you give that’s important

  7. MrBusinessMarketer

    @wolfieworldwide Thank you. My name is Claude which is ironic is it not. This automated voice was supposed to make me sound clearer.

  8. Hello I didn’t catch your name, but your advice is good, I also help local businesses with s.e.o.

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