Kung Fu biker wins in a traffic accident in China

The rider must have been a kung fu master!

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  1. @shajou :/. sorry pal i have no idea what i wrote on here lol. too long ago 2 remember

  2. @tag1989 ehh u slipped and damaged your brain recently?

  3. @tag1989.In a way, I cannot blame, because 1 in 5 americans are illiterated, while ,Singarpore, S. Korean , Japan, Hong kong and Tiawan. 99% literacy , even China over 90% literacy. SO you are the one of the 5. still working on vintage old V8 cars. B T W songarkng1 he is my twin brother

  4. @scotland1989able all I can say is ……. eventually …..

    I know what you mean.

  5. @tag1989 B T W Cranshaft and Camshaft was invented in china over 2000 years ago .IN water pump . and paper making water mills.

  6. @tag1989 TYPE ( COP bleeds to death ) , ( phillips rushton race ),and ( China Inventions ) . in Youtube , This happen during day light, with over 50 adults watching, ALL north east ASIANs are the lowest crime ppl in the world, when you turn on the tV news, how often do you see asian commit crimes .

  7. @songarkng1 i couldnt care less about what china has done. the only good invention was a car. if computerized technology wasnt invented the world would still go on. all it would mean is less people knowing about your buisness on facebook. besides a european invented the computer. you people just fix em.

  8. @dragondescendant1 but im not white lol.

  9. LOL at the people standing in the middle of the traffic… LIKE A BOSS

  10. want to learn kung fu involve in acident

  11. wowww  ouch…..

  12. I love how he walks back to his bike… LIKE A BOSS

  13. @tag1989, I am very happy, To see that you really, Enjoy , Appreciated , and Constantly using the Latest Chinese Technology.Why don’t you Google ( founder of Youtube ,Yahoo ,and the Father of Fiber Opticle Kao ). all invented by Chinese. With out that, You might have to talk to your self in the basement with a key board. 🙂

  14. Japanese lowest crime rates , Chinese not far behine. GOOGLE ( World crime rates ). Not included suicide rates. IF INCLUDED , That will be deffrent stories

  15. China manufactures over 75% of world video cameras .You’ll see more and more video clips from China, some are crimes, That does not means China has more crime,It means more crime got caught in cameras.  Country Such as Vietnam, Phillipines, indonasian,mongolia,you don’t see as much.they are too poor to have video cameras. So there will be a lot of talking and trolling about CHINA. SO ! HAPPY TALKING . HAPPY TROLLING . 🙂

  16. China 20 years ago. less than 2% ppl. that drives car . Chinese has not iron out the automotive legal laws and insurances issues. that’s why they don’t behavies like Western society.

  17. @tag1989 This is one of the most disturbing comment I have read on Youtube!

    Sir… your mind is sick!

  18. he is lucky

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