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Currently, investor relations is a multipronged crap shoot. Entertain, wine and dine investors with road shows, drinks and meals and just hope and pray that they’ll be interested enough to ask for your prospectus. With so many fly by night scammers polluting the IR sphere it’s almost impossible to think that there are any legitimate companies out there that can offer companies a solution that doesn’t entail bloodletting, piranha pedicures or indentured servitude, but there are.

One of the latest and most economical solutions for investor introduction, road show substitution and public company market/volume creation is the webinar presentation. Investors, aside from solid returns, more than anything else, want to go to a place for bleeding edge information that will help their overall portfolio choices as well as opportunities that will educate them without the complicated tech jargon that will just confuse the transaction. Overly analytical presentations that lack substance and direct delivery of profitability concepts, corporate executive pedigree and growth expediency is the very thing that turns investors off 5 minutes into the presentation.

A webinar that gives a short corporate introduction, company marketplace position, current dilution and profitability, use of proceeds, two year projections and a call to action which is the offer to open dialogue and create a long-term relationship will deliver more rapid results at a fraction of the price. Webinar presentations for investor communication, investor introduction and shareholder maintenance are the perfect partner to your phone room and/or press release promotional strategy.

Webinars allow you to talk to the investor without taking them out of the comfort and convenience of their office or living room. The convenience of this process will enable more investors to get involved with your transaction as the obstacle of scheduling is less of an issue as you can offer a recorded follow up viewing after your live webinar to make your information available at the convenience of the viewer.

Obviously, depending on the stage of your company you’ll need to take SEC solicitation guidelines into consideration so as always, talk to your legal team before taking part in any company promotion.

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