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To put it bluntly… Dani Johnson is a Network Marketing machine! When it comes to showing home based business builders how to recruit new distributors using cold market strategies there is no one better.

When I was first starting out in the network marketing industry, I came across Dani Johnson and her training materials. I implemented some of her secrets into my marketing plan and they definitely helped me to create the six figure income I was able to in under 8 months.

And talk about a jacked up leader… this woman is on fire and you can just tell Dani’s passion is training others so that they can achieve the same levels of succes in their opportunity as she has in hers.

She created a huge downline and as a result a huge bonus check very early on in her career. And what is incredible is she did so buying and calling cold leads… which myself there is not a chance I would ever do again! (not fun)

She developed the skill set to be able to convert high numbers of prospects over the telephone into her downline and she reaped the resulting benefits. And it was not by fluke… after her first business fell apart for reasons that where not her fault… she was able to do it all over again.

After building two separate downlines, she started training other networkers. Primarily by allowing anyone from any company or downline to attend her “First Steps To Success” trainings she put on for her own team.

For the most part she really only teaches people how to recruit from the cold market through buying and calling mlm leads… but she is the best at this.

Outside of Dani the only other leader in the Network Marketing industry who is any good at training on cold calling mlm leads is Doug Firebaugh, but I would still recommend Dani over him.

Surprisingly she does throw some local market training into her audio’s… and it is good… but for the most part you will benifit from her cold marketing strategies.

Until I figured out how to use the Internet to generate my own leads, and teach my team how to do the same using Attraction Marketing principles I definitely used and recommended Dani’s material.

However to be very upfront I found cold calling leads to be an extremely difficult and unenjoyable way to build a business, plus I found that not many people in my down line would stick to it, because it was quite painful. Calling 50-100 cold leads (strangers) a day is simply not fun.

But if her strategies sound appealing to you, and you could see yourself cold calling leads, then learn from her because she can help you become a massive success.

Of all of her courses… her script book and audio is the one you should start with… it is her best.

So there is no doubt you would be smart to learn what Dani Johnson has to teach you, however… also take the time to study attraction marketing principles… it really is a much better way to market to the cold market.

So if you are still interested in finding more Dani Johnson training, then visit the following link to find my FREE 7 Day Dani Johnson training course.

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