How to Get the Best Results with Landing Page Split-Testing

Split-testing your landing page offers you plenty of ways to help yourself boost your conversion rate and get as much as possible from the page itself.

There are so many reasons to test the different elements of your landing page but the most important reason of all is that each time you run a test you learn more about your landing page and what makes it get the job done for you. What is more important is that you are consistently applying what you learn from all of your split-tests so that you can carry out the results on your current landing page; it helps you get much better results in the future. Here are some easy to use and understand tips that will help you split-test your landing page much more effectively.

A good place to get started is with the addition of any logos from credible organizations to your page. It is a simple fact that when you sign up for membership in organizations like the Better Business Bureau, your conversion rates go up because people put a lot of trust in organizations like these.

So you can sign up with multiple organizations and display their badges on your landing page. Before you keep them there permanently, however, do some tests to see what the response to them is. If you see that your conversion rates improve, keep them up; otherwise there is no use in cluttering your page in something that won’t raise your returns. Obviously it is important to test your price on your landing page but, still (and bafflingly so) there are a lot of IMers who ignore the price factor when they run their split-tests. When you want to increase your conversion rate you need to make sure that you test out at least a few of the different price points that work with the product you have decided to promote. Sometimes you’ll get better results by increasing your prices, even though most people believe that when you lower your prices your conversion rates go up. The reason this is true isn’t complicated; people want high quality these days and they’re happy to pay to get it. They typically associate low ticket prices with low quality products and so lower prices might mean they avoid buying the product completely.

Your headline should have quotation marks and the first letter of every word within it should be capitalized. While this has worked for lots of people it can also work for you but the best way to find out is, as it always is, through split-testing. You’ll see a clear shift in numbers by making such small changes, which actually make a big impact. You need to take pains to ensure that you don’t ignore even a single split-testing opportunity because they are what will help you get the conversion rates you crave.

Once you start getting a higher conversion rate your landing page, you’ll see for yourself how making a few small changes here and there can make a big difference. Split-testing is not really a new thing, but you don’t find many Internet marketers doing it. It’s important to remember, however, that without regular split-testing, you’ll never know how to improve your landing pages so that your conversion rates improve as well. So get to work by putting these tips to work and see what sort of results you can get from them.

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