23 thoughts on “How To Fool Traffic Jam – The Russian Style

  1. @deadcosmonaut Reagan died in 04′, good to see the Russian intelligence machine is still as functional as ever..

  2. hahahaha tolol ada yang mau meniru seperti ini ? untuk menghindari macet di jakarta? lol

  3. @tksemipro It illegal in Russia too, the difference is the average Russian has learned to grow a pair. Agreed normally driving backwards would be a stupid thing to do but circumstances dictate. But just because some idiots in the Washington says its against the law no need to blindly follow it, its against the law to sell second hand goods in Louisiana for cash its also against the law not to accept cash for debts public and private. Don’t keep on being a sheep, live a little. Grow a pair.

  4. @deadcosmonaut I’m no fan of Obama. But, it was illegal long before he was president. lol

  5. @tksemipro Everything is illegal in Obama’s America. The land of the Free is more like the land of the suppressed. I Heard Hinkley is being let out and Jodie Foster has agreed a blow job if he gets it right this time.

  6. @OO7BOND11 Lol Canadian are the worst drivers. Caucasian in America has the highest car accident rate and Asians in America has the fewest.

  7. Extra benifit: driving bacwards makes your odometer go backwards.
    Keeps your resale value up. LOL

  8. @OO7BOND11 Canadians are worst than Americans in everything including driving backwards which for once makes them the winners.

  9. @deadcosmonaut so by americans you mean Asians, Africans, Mexicans, Canadians we just have everybody livin here

  10. @OO7BOND11 Nope, I mean Americans cannot reverse, and Asians only got a push bike so do not need to reverse. However the worst drivers are the British, you have all of Europe driving in one direction and they are going the other way so their PM said yesterday.

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