Here’s An Idea: Start A Blog Using Video a.k.a. Vlogging!

Video blogging a.k.a. Vlogging is one of the newest rages. Thanks to Youtube, video sites have popped up everywhere (Youtube is still the king:even Google Video knew that) and putting videos online for just about anything including tutorials became a part of the life of many people. It follows that blogging through Youtube would be the next step. You know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

For those starting a blog for personal reasons, Vlogging with Youtube works quite well. It can be fun and entertaining to just plop yourself in front of a video camera and chatter away and then upload the video to Youtube or one of the many video sharing sites.

There are definitely a lot of benefits from a business standpoint. You are getting some video commercials out in front of your customers, but unlike commercials these are free.

You can almost think of it as books versus movies or books versus television. Did you ever have to read a book in high school and then opted to watch the movie instead? This is similar, except you are controlling the movie. You can sum up the salient points in your video and even offer a link for more information and direct that link towards your whitepaper or article.

Starting a video blog is also quite cheap. Most people have digital cameras which can shoot video. That is sufficient for getting started. A computer with an internet connection is needed to upload the videos. The final piece is video editing software to edit the video together if you do not want to upload the raw video. MacOS and Windows OS both come with some great free video editing software. I have used both iMovie (Mac) and Windows Movie Maker (Windows) and they both are definitely sufficient for video blogging.

Video blogging can be just as simple as you sitting in front of your camera talking. You can also incorporate photos into your video or other videos into your video. With some practice you can put together some very professional looking videos for your video blog! From a small business standpoint, you can definitely use this as a tool to build your business. For online journaling, it’s just a way to get more exposure and have more fun.

So go to it and start a blog video!

Want to learn more about starting a blog? Come by Emil Yau’s site How Do You Start A Blog and watch his video as he creates and posts to a blog in less than 10 minutes right in front of your eyes.

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