Free Advertising and Building List with Viral E-Books

Viral Advertising is a great way to advertise your business and build your list using Viral E-Books .

FREE E-books are one of the best weapons in a viral marketing campaign arsenal to promote your business.

It is very easy to make E-books. All you need is some articles on topics of interest. E-books are cheap to produce and don’t take long to set up. If you have articles that you have already written about the subject you are promoting, you can simply combine these articles into an E-book. If, on the other hand, if you do not like writing , you can use rebrandable E-books that have been produced by others. Just use your favorite search engine and do a web search for “rebrandable E-books”. One way to distribute these E-books to visitors to your website is to give them as a free gift for subscribing to your newsletter. If your E-book contains material that people will want to share with their friends and family, they will pass it along to them… they will pass it along to others…and you will make money and build your list to promote your other product or services.

E-books are capable of reaching a large audiences. Ebooks should on interesting topics and appeal to the majority of people, such topics popular as makemoney, home business, health and fitness, finance,  self improvement, education etc.

The best way is to make your own ebooks and all you need to do is combine your own articles or buy PLR articles and rewrite in your own way in a simple format.

You can write E-Books in Microsoft word and the convert it in to PDF format by saving it as PDF.

Here are some resources for ebooks and tools to promote them on Internet:

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