EVOLUTION OF FITNESS (fitness infomercial parody)

To get abs WITHOUT gimmicks watch this video: sixpackshortcuts.com How many of these infomercial exercise products do you remember? Check out this video to see some of the biggest (and most HILARIOUS) exercise gizmos of all time. Hope you enjoyed it, and also that you got the lesson behind it…that you DONT need complicated equipment or gadgets to get in shape. This free video shows you how you can lose belly fat, gain muscle and get six pack abs — with NO complicated equipment or gimmicks: sixpackshortcuts.com And if you want to learn how you can burn your belly fat and get a toned "beach body" at home with no equipment, check out my new Insane Home Fat Loss video: insanehomefatloss.com?c=4&k=152 (Insane Home Fat Loss is temporarily closed for signups after the New Years Event but you can still check out that video) So sixpackshortcutters…your thoughts? Tell me how you liked the video in the comments! I will read them all and respond to the funniest ones Train hard! Mike

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  1. 92 dislikes like wtf ? Nothing to dislike here only if u missclicked it …

  2. dude you’re funny

  3. Thigh Master reminds me of a sex toy I once found…
    The basis was you got exercise and pleasure…

  4. the step exercise music had me cracking up!

  5. gr8 vid really helpful pictures to follow

  6. Hey mike, ive been working out alot since ive found sixpackshortcuts, and it have really helped me alo. but i kiust have one question, when you say whort but intenseworkouts, how long do you mean?:) Thanks, and keep up the good work!

  7. omg the chest expander is the funniest thing iv ever seen 😛

  8. i have always been a very big kid but now thanks to all your workout routines im in very good shape with a flat stomach good arms and trying my best to get those 6pack abs thank you so much!

  9. hilarious
    thanks for workouts

  10. This is fricking hilarious

  11. ProjectSe7enStudios

    the shake weight is hilarious, even the face!

  12. LOL You look hilarious with the long hair wigs!


  14. IM IN LOVE <3

  15. lol epic. although the ab wheel is actually pretty good! that crap was funny. you look like an asian mario with that killer stash XD

  16. @JunCas777 Even if he is, he’s making a fair amount. Plus he looks pretty damn good. I’m doing my own workout routine and it works fine (although I just set it up today).

  17. @PETAsucksballs34 how much pound weights should i use to see a change i got a total of 50 pounds of weight plates if that isnt enough i could get more
    and i got only 2 dumbell bars idk if there good as a big bar?

  18. ihthought someone like mike would have trouble looking stupid

  19. @GreenLantern713 hey i’m your height and weight at the age of 17. it took me about a year to go from skinny to having abs and getting bigger. i’m still working but i find that 5 main exercises will build you up quick: squat, dead, bench, chinups, dips. now get to work.

  20. haha xD @ 0:06

  21. if i buy six pack shortcuts on your website and i follow the video how long would it take for me to get a flat stomach im 5’9 140 pounds

  22. lol cool

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