Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Email Hosting

PHP hosting, also known as web page hosting is a type of service that allows use of Internet servers for clients. This ensures that companies and other clients that are connected are able to have access to certain material on the Internet. This connection allows individuals to have the ability to create and run their own websites, which are then accessible through the World Wide Web.

Email hosting varies from PHP hosting and web hosting in that email hosting runs email servers. These email servers allow use of email through servers that are separate from the typical free email servers that most people are acquainted with. Email hosting typically caters towards small business and offices that require larger amounts of bandwidth and protection for their business.

Email hosting is made possible with the use of several different protocols, these are POP3, IMAP and SMTP. POP3, also known as post office protocol 3, functions as an Internet standard protocol, meaning that it’s accepted as standard for most email services already. IMAP, also known as Internet Message Protocol, is another well-known and widely used email messaging protocol that most mail servers will understand. SMTP, which stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, is mainly used for the use of sending email over IP or Internet Protocol connections. After the mail is sent it is read by either the POP or IMAP.

Some different types of web hosting are shared, or virtual, hosting, free hosting, dedicated hosting, and collected hosting. Free hosting sites are mainly used for small organization and organizations that will not use up a large amount of bandwidth. Shared hosting is rather costly and is mainly suggested only for larger businesses. This type of email hosting is also mainly for organizations require their own domain name. Shared hosting is great for organizations that require a good amount of traffic.

The most costly of the few is certainly dedicated hosting; dedicated hosting varies from the others in that dedicated hosting uses it is own server while shared hosting is shared with a large group of other clients. Dedicated hosting offers solutions for organizations that require large amounts of traffic and security. Collected hosting is a little less expensive than dedicated hosting and it offers just about the same types of security and traffic support. What it does not have in comparison to dedicated hosting is the same amount of adjustability for power solutions or the option for having several different domains. Another quality that dedicated web hosting offers is it is ability to ensure unlimited software support.

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