End Of Month SEO Case Study Update

Down the page I have included 2 position reviews for The Affinity Trading Group. To protect the privacy of my clientele, I blocked the keywords and key phrases through which they position for. Yet, I do leave the # of searches as that demonstrates the competition level and over-all search importance. Even though many folks fixate on positioning for high volume phrases, me included, you will need to realize that small volume search phrases are equally of the same quality as they do account for a well identified specific market as opposed to more generic bigger volume words and phrases and this greatly targeted traffic is usually the person that may be precisely hunting for that which you have to offer. To that note, as always, my goal will be to rank nicely for each one of the specified key-phrases as I do continue to fixate regarding those biggies 😉

The first document is an image screen grab of the report I ran at the conclusion of August. Keep in mind that my Search engine optimization work with them commenced towards the end of July so this August report signifies roughly one month of Search engine optimization work. In July they positioned for merely a select few words with those keywords ranking over 50 (1 being the very first place on page 1 and 50 being the bottom position on page 5). So as you will discover, inside 4 weeks, I had been able to shift 14 words and phrases in to the top 20 careers with 5 of them being top 10. I do not have search values within this document but I will state that their month-to-month query volumes ranged from 1,500 to 22,000.

After I start a different project, I can’t spend time trying to position big value key phrases. I initially pursue the lower level keywords for several reasons. 1) They will move more rapidly therefore allowing you to notice some traffic immediately and 2) The work that is given to developing these lower level key phrases will drip down and eventually assist the other bigger quantity keywords. Correct Search engine optimization is much like building a home. You must build a formidable foundation with lower level key words, put up your walls with your mid level phrases so that you will have a stable framework to support and maintain your bigger volume key phrases (the roof).

anthonynunes.com/ranking-reports/AffinityTrading/Affinity_ 08-2010.JPG

Now let’s jump in advance a few months towards the ending of this month (November). After downloading the below rankings statement, you can see that a good amount of progress has been made. Besides having more keywords enter into the best 100 slot, I was capable to improve the best 20 count to 36 keyword phrases (formerly fourteen) and the top 10 to 23 key words (formerly five). I was at the same time able to rank effectively for a few large quantity keywords and phrases with one having a competitive 450,000 month-to-month search volume search term sitting nicely at the #11 place.

The 10 to 20 ranking spot is usually a rough location to break free from as it could from time to time require months for large size phrases to travel from say a #15 to #9 or #10, nonetheless I continue to see very good progress with such keywords and phrases and in due time, they should get there. Such as everything else, the closer you reach the top, the significantly less room you will find.

Also, it’s at this point in which Affinity experiences that their traffic ratio has leaned to the side of search engine traffic meaning that +33% of their visitors are provided by search engines (largely Google) while the other 2/3 is originating via direct connections and web-site links.


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