Do You Need A MLM Coach?

Network marketing is like anything else in life that you want to achieve success with. A coach will short cut your journey to the top. That is if you really do want to get to the top of this industry.

Makes no difference what you are trying to do in life or how good you are at it, you can always get better.

Even Tiger woods’ and Michael Jordan have/had coaches. IT only makes sense to want to improve on your skills, to take your game to the next level.

Ok I am done trying to convince you that you need a coach. I have built the type of income you want in this business of network marketing and I myself have mentors and coaches. So lets now get into how you go about getting the right coach.

Choosing the right coach comes down to you deciding what areas you need to improve on, what areas you want to work on.

But before we go any further, I am going to be very blunt here with you.

Just because your upline is your upline does not mean they should be your MLM coach no matter what they tell you. If they are not living the lifestyle you want. If they have not created the size of residual income check you want then do not listen to them as your coach!

Whoa whoa whoa… what am I saying? I am sure I am shocking the world with this one. Do not talk trash about your upline for pete’s sake, they are untouchable!

And if most people are taught that they should listen to their upline, and if most people fail to make a red cent in this business. What does that tell you? Maybe just maybe their upline is leading the astray?

Making it to the top of anything, requires you learning from someone who knows how to get you there, because they themselves were once in your shoes and made it to the top.

Alright, lets look at how to choose a mlm leader, trainer, or coach to learn from. If you are need of getting better at warm market or old school activities find someone who has built their business that way.

If you want to learn how to market and generate leads using the internet that is a different story. These guys do not teach that. Guys like Max Steingart do. You will want to find some new school leaders, who have created serious success using these newer methods.

Personally I think you should find someone who can teach you to recruit using both methods. They both work great and you need to be able to work with your team in what ever areas they want to recruit with.

In this training I show you how leaders like Max Steingart sponsor in a big fashion!. This article, Do You Need A MLM Coach? has free reprint rights.

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