Creating a Diet Plan: Keypoints and where to start

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  1. MusicalPassion007

    I find it better to call it a healthy lifestyle change, rather than a diet. Diets are temporary. Healthy eating should be a lifestyle change. That doesn’t mean you can’t have the things you love. It’s a matter of moderation.

  2. This really helped me. My 1st week of this challenge was really challenging for me….I needed some guidance with my diet and I found your video. That has been my problem I have been dieting instead of focusing on changing my lifestyle. Thank you so much

  3. And we have a saying in my country: "Eat your breakfast yourself, share your dinner with a friend, give your supper to your enemy".

  4. Instead, think of the amount of calories you wan to spend weekly on food which is not necessarily healthy, but you really like it. For example, let’s say 500 kcal. And you can choose what you want to spend it on – you can have one hamburger a week or a small piece of chocolate every second day. You can eat everything but not in tons and not on a daily basis. This way you will have the border which you will not cross. I now what I’m talking about. I’ve been there. So good luck everyone!!!

  5. fruitfulbeautywithin

    The key points were very helpful… Straight to the point and little steps geared towards helping me lose the weight and feeling good about myself… Which the taking little steps at a time have helped me becoming overwhelmed!!! Thanx again…

  6. Great, also, treating yourself can be more beneficial if you don’t eat"unhealthy foods" but instead do something like buy a new dress or get your nails done. But I prefer the unhealthy food once in a while. xD

  7. Great Tips. 🙂

  8. @makeupkell Hi and thank you ! I will be uploading a tutorial for this look early next week! Make sure to check it out! 😉

  9. Im from Spain, i love your look in this video!!! you are the best , muac !

  10. @Stylishlygraceful01 I will be uploading the tutorial early next week 😉

  11. Stylishlygraceful01

    How did you do this makeup? I love the purple! 🙂

  12. @KinasJourney Haha, good luck! Thanks for your comment 😉

  13. Great video… I loved the whole keypoint idea, when creating my diet for this challenge I made five realistic changes I can see as well because if I try to do so much @ one time and not being realistic about it just like all attempts in the past this will fail. But with that said I am working on limiting my soda intake so wish me luck and I will be checking for a new blog post =)

  14. @Lisannable You are welcome!

  15. Wow thank you for your quick reaction!
    I will definitly check it out, thank you!

  16. @Lisannable Yes, I do! Check out my sexy and dramatic bombshell look tutorial 🙂

  17. Do you have a tutorial on the make-up you’re wearing on the pictore at the drop20in12 site?
    It looks so beautiful and wearable!
    I would love to know how to do it!

  18. @gennaromariagrazia anche a me piace tanto! se solo capissi cosa dice.. 🙁 Quanto odio non sapere l’inglese.

  19. narcissisticfatchick

    thanks for the tips. Also your makeup skills are amazing!

  20. gennaromariagrazia

    wow complimenti per il makeup che hai!!!!!

  21. your lips look amazing. i dunno if thats weird to say.. the shine/gloss is really awesome though.

  22. What age should u b 2 star a Diet

  23. Luv ur accent <3

  24. your makeup is flawless!!

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