Basics of Starting a Vlog

Part of what stops many people from getting started in vlogging is the belief that it needs to have a lot of technical talents and has a high pretender cost. Actually vlogging can be extremely cost-effective and can be performed with reasonably tiny technical knowledge. To start, you will need a device which can record video. Stores like Amazon, WalMart, and BestBuy have digital video recorders which shoot in hi-def for under $125. There’s a high chance that you already own one device, for example a mobile phone or digital camera, which will allow you take basic videos. These devices will work in a pinch, but whenever possible it is recommended to use a camera who’s sole function is recording video.

You will also require some basic video editing software. Windows Motion picture Maker is the standard application on all Windows enabled PCs, while iMovie is the standard application on Macs. These programs are simple and have intuitive interfaces that give the opportunity for somebody with comparatively little video experience to form videos acceptable for posting on a vlog or video site. Depending on the character of your vlog, it may be feasible to get away with just shooting and uploading your movies without any revising. A device for shooting video and software for editing videos are the only products you positively need for beginning to vlog. You can then upload you videos for free to any of the favored video sites.

On the other hand, you might need to host a vlog on your own server with your own web address. That will cost the cost of hosting, as well as the nominal charge of registering a domain if you haven't already registered one. If you decide to host your vlog on your own web space, the best programs to use are the same programs which handle normal text based blogging such as WordPress or Blogger.

WordPress has a benefit of providing plugins that may boost a video site, as well as other advanced options, but if you're an absolute newbie to blogging, the Blogger interface is very simple to use. Next, you'll need to choose whether you want to host the videos themselves on your own server or on external website like YouTube. When you upload a video to YouTube you get exposure both on your own site, on YouTube, and potentially on other sites. The capability for becoming a viral video which is spread on sites round the Net is a perk for most vloggers. Nevertheless relying solely on YouTube to host your videos can be problematic as well. If there’s issues with YouTube, your own site might be affected. Many website owners feel safer understanding that their videos are backed up and hosted on their own site.

Now that you know the vlogging basics, find out how to promote a vlog; it’s very like promoting a website. Alternatively, leap straight in and create your first video!

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