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Auto Cash Funnel: Newbie Terrors Terminated Using This Incredible New System

Auto Cash Funnel: Newbie Terrors Terminated Using This Incredible New System

Sometimes it seems that there are a million and one ways to make money online, but everybody agrees on a three things at least:

1) The money is in the list

This means that you need to capture the email addresses of your customers because it allows you to market to them again and again.

Each subsriber has a ‘dollar value’ (the industry average is $1 per subscriber) so for every subscriber on your list, you have a money-making asset.

2) Everybody needs traffic

Most people learn this pretty quickly when they start working online.

They create a website or blog, then discover it’s absolutely useless unless people visit it.

That’s what’s we know as traffic … visitors to your website.

If you have no traffic, you have no visitors … and you’ll make no money.

3) We all need to make money online … preferably sooner, rather than later!

This is a given of internet marketing.

We all want to make a living from the internet … but that’s often easier said than done.

These are the three things that everybody agrees on, yet for the newbie internet marketer they are usually the biggest headaches.

If you’ve been online for any length of time, you’re bound to have tried blogging, SEO, PPC, article writing … all the usual suspects which CAN work, do SOMETIMES work, but usually take forever to deliver results.

That’s why Chris Freville and Paul Teague have teamed up to create Auto Cash Funnel … the complete Newbie Terror Terminator!

Auto Cash Funnel doesn’t beat around the bush, it goes straight for the heart of the problem, tackling head-on the BIG THREE problems experienced by most internet marketers:

# making money IMMEDIATELY!

# building a decent size list QUICKLY!

# generating targeted traffic FAST!

As well as solving the 3 BIG headaches, Auto Cash Funnel also solves a 4th!

Most people run a mile when they hear talk of HTML and FTP, but the emphasis throughout Auto Cash Funnel is on giving marketers “Guru skills” without them having to lift a finger to anything more than simple ‘cut and paste’.

Paul and Chris guarantee you won’t have seen the techniques used in this coaching, and the emphasis throughout is on white hat, effective strategies that anybody can use without technical knowledge or having to spend out on expensive software.

So, if you’re still struggling in the web wilderness and you’re in desperate need of a helping hand, check out Auto Cash Funnel when it launches on Monday 6th December 2010 at 9am EST.

Can Auto Coupon Cash Really Help YOU Succeed Where Google Failed?

No More Games: Auto Coupon Cash Exposed!
Oh, boy, here we go again!

Yet another “Get rich in your underwear offer” has crossed my desk, probably written by the same copywriter that wrote those other “Auto Money For Free” products.

Or is it?

Turns out that Auto Coupon Cash had a little more going for it than some big promises with flashy screen shots.

If there ever was a “secret” to making money online, this has got to be it.

If you read the title, it shouldn’t be a big surprise that their “Secret Method” revolves around coupons. For those of you NOT in the know, coupons are BIG business.

And when I say BIG I mean so big that Google tried to buy Groupon, a company whose whole business model revolves around selling coupons, for 6 BILLION DOLLARS!

The punch line?

Google got turned down. $6 Billion was too SMALL of a price to put on the Groupon coupon business.

So yeah, coupons can mean big bucks if you know how to use them.

Now, if this was just an eBook that just told you to offer discounts on products to sell them, I’d tell you to keep your $37 in your wallet for a burger and fries.

The good news:

This is NOT just a flimsy eBook with videos. It’s a whole step-by-step plan with video instruction, software, and much, MUCH more.

The bad news:

The INSANELY best part of Auto Coupon Cash isn’t the software and guide. While every product has its “lupsell” Auto Coupon Cash may be the FIRST product to have an upsell that was more valuable than the actual product!

They are actually offering sites that grab leads for you and that they’ll update for you on a DAILY basis! With UNIQUE CONTENT!

I was skeptical of this at first, but they didn’t just grab a bunch of PLR articles written by guys in the Philippines or India. They have actual professional writers updating the sites you get from them DAILY. With UNIQUE content.

Think about that.

When you have sites, your job is post content regularly, put the sites up, make them look pretty, and collect the money.

If they are putting up the sites, making them look pretty, and posting the content on a DAILY basis, the ONLY thing you have to do is collect the money.

What’s the catch?

Well, you’ll be upgrading your purchase by taking their one-time-offers. These are no-brainers to say yes to though, you are basically saying, “Yes, the money I want to make, I want you to do all the work for me.”

You can always return it all if you DON’T think its valuable (but you’d have to be a moron to think that once you see what you get!).

Bottom line, of all the money-making plans I’ve seen out there, Auto Coupon Cash is by far the most realistic path to actual money I’ve ever seen. Not many products actually do all the work for you!

The sites themselves are high quality, come hosted, complete with updates, which is I have to say that if you were looking for some bad news on Auto Coupon Cash, you’ll be looking a long time!

To grab your Auto Coupon Cash package before they are COMPLETELY sold out, just click the link below now! This offer is good for a limited time only, and in my opinion, its an opportunity that you can’t afford to miss!

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