Why You Must Pay Attention to Your Blog’s Link Structure

Before you go ahead and spend time working on the external links of your blog, it’s important that you focus on creating a strong and relevant internal linking structure that provides the right level of navigation to the readers and at the same time helps you improve your SEO. How should one improve their internal linking structure while increasing their blog’s value? The article below will show you.

Only your most important pages should get page rank, and that means preventing PR bleed to unimportant pages. You do not want to waste valuable page rank power for your terms of use (TOS), contact form page and other admin use pages. Naturally, you want your content rich pages to be ranked and not really all those other pages.

Easily Accessible: People need to be able to get to your important pages and articles easily, without having to go through too many links. Users shouldn’t have to click more than twice to get to your most important pages, which is valid both for SEO reasons and to make users happy. Search engines have a preference for posts and articles that can be found easily from the main page.

You’ll see that many blogs tend to have a section in their sidebar where they have links to their popular posts; you can do the same. You can create links on your homepage to your most important posts and articles. Like before, it can be done manually or automatically with a plugin.

The fact is, the loading speed of your blog’s pages does affect your page rank and this has been proven time and again. So try to optimize your blog so it runs and loads as fast as possible. You can optimize for load time by way of a good site map. If you need a guideline, then between one and two seconds is a reliable indicator for each page. If you have photos or graphics on your blog, then hopefully you know that you should optimize them for speed.

You have to include links in even the smallest piece of content if it is related to older posts. There is much to be gained from approaching your site links with the view of SEO and optimization.

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Affiliate Network Application Success – Proven Steps That Work

Not long ago, getting into an affiliate network was just a matter of applying; now, it’s a little harder. Now, applying to an affiliate network is almost like applying for a job; they’ll only accept you if you can show them that you have something to offer them. So how do you really go about getting accepted in an affiliate network? What, then, is the right way to apply? If you pay attention to the strategies we’ll be covering in this article, you’ll greatly increase your chances of acceptance.

Get a Company Name: You can always apply to affiliate networks as an individual, but if you want to increase your chances of getting accepted, then get a company name that makes you look much more legitimate. When an affiliate network looks at an application and sees it’s from an individual, they’re more likely to suspect that it’s someone who’s new or who may promote using less than honest techniques. Naturally, this one tactic won’t ensure that your application will be approved, but it can help your chances. Getting accepted actually involves many different elements. This also gives you two different ways to apply to networks, so if you’re not accepted the first time, you can try the other way.

It is really important to follow the directions on the form used for applying because they may think you cannot follow simple directions. If you’re not able to do this, at least fill it out as much as you can. You want to make their job as easy as possible, and that will reflect positively on you in the end. Pay attention to fields that are not strictly required, and if it is possible fill those out as well. There is a lot of fraud in IM and CPA, and that is what they are trying to prevent. However, don’t just make up stuff to look good – be genuine in your approach.

Where Will You Get Traffic From? You can count on being asked by affiliate managers what type of traffic you plan to drive to offers. As an affiliate, you need to be sure of the source of your traffic, because the networks are mostly looking for US traffic. For this reason, many affiliate networks are less likely to accept applications from affiliates who don’t live in the US or Canada. If you’re located somewhere else, don’t lie about it, but let them know that you have methods of getting targeted traffic from the US. You just have to use a convincing tone, so that the affiliate manager interviewing you doesn’t have any doubts.

You can’t overlook the importance of getting accepted by affiliate networks, as until this happens, you can’t start promoting anything. You now have enough information to successfully apply to affiliate networks; remember, if one doesn’t accept you, don’t be afraid to apply to others.

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