A Good Article Submitter Puts Your Article Marketing On Steroids

If you are in the process of using the bum marketing method for income generation through affiliate sales, or by selling your own products, then you are already well aware of just how slow and frustrating it can be to get any kind of momentum, let alone your first sale. You hear people talking about bum marketing being so great because you can create cash flow for free, but when it takes so long, you begin to understand that spending a little money for an article submitter is a no brainer. It speeds up your success in a big way.

Bum marketing, also called, article marketing, really is something that every student of Internet marketing should learn about, right away. It is awesome for generating backlinks to your own websites. This will get you a lot of free traffic from the search engines if you do it the right way. You can get on the first page of search results for hundreds of search terms.

Given enough time and action, you can even have hundreds of first place positions on the first page, and thousands of listings on positions 2 through 10 of the first page. This will give you absolutely massive traffic to your website, blog or any other web property. If you are sure to have good content and you have properly monetized your site, there is no doubt whatsoever that you will become very successful with your online marketing efforts.

Even if you do not yet have a website or a blog of your own, you can use article marketing to drive targeted traffic to your various free, replicated affiliate sites. With keyword research, you can get some first page and second page listings for your articles.

Then you can write other articles that provide backlinks to those highly ranked articles, which will move them even higher, and get them to stay where they are for quite some time to come. With the backlinks, most of your second page articles will move to the first page.

Article marketing not only works, it can work wonders for your life. But, like most things, it is a lot easier to talk about it than it is to do it. Not many people are willing to put in the time & effort that is required, because it starts out so slow. You first must work for free, and then you work for peanuts, before the momentum accumulates.

Most people give up, not realizing that they are a lot better off than opening a business in the offline world, where they could work ten years just to break even. That is why most people fail at their attempts to make money online. They want it to be fast and easy, and it almost never is.

An article submitter service can keep the same fate from happening to you. Your article submissions will be automated. At the touch of a button, your articles will go out to many hundreds of relevant article directories. Without such a service, it would take days simply to register at all of those websites, and every time you manually submitted an article could take you another 24 hours. You would have no time to actually write the articles. Your article submitter will save you tons of time and speed up your marketing success.

Hunting down the best article submission services on the internet? There are many sites to choose from, so visit an article marketing forum before you choose one.

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