19% from Apple’s App Store download total from the iPad over 3 billion

Market research firm ABI data show that, iPad application downloads total had reached 3 billion, accounting for Apple’s App Store download total of 19 %. This means that iPad achieve this downloads left-time that spent six months faster than the iPhone.

For comparison, ABI said, so far Android Tablet PC application downloads only about 440 million times. ABI Research Assistant Limu Xi Yang Lim Shiyang said: “Even if the originally developed for the Android smart phone applications are counted, Android in tablet applications is still fall behind the iPad.”

West Young said that, the small using number of Android tablet computer applications, the reason is differentiation of the Android system, which is the old version of Android application development components must be updated to adapt to the new Android version.

He said: “Many Android tablet on the market are still using an older version, which allows users who can not enjoy more of the software development kit manufacturing applications effect.”

In addition, Android tablet computer market has largely been low-end products occupied in the user experience of these products less competitive.

It is predicted that the latest Android version of “ice cream sandwich” Ice Cream Sandwich system, and the Amazon Kindle Fire and Nook and other Android-based Tablet PC operating system, Android tablet is expected to promote growth in the number of users, thus increasing the purchases of Android application. But it also requires time to observe.

ABI predicts that by 2016, Android smart phone application downloads will reach 58 billion, iPhone application downloads is 27 billion times. As of the third quarter of 2011, specifically the number of applications for the iPad is 0.12 million lines.

In the future, many tablet computer come into being, the different system will appear correspondingly. ABI predicts that the tablet computer have the smart system also. We believe that the smart system will bring the smart life to us just like the smart cell phone.

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